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 Windows 10 System Programming, Part 1This book is for Computer Graduates or final year

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should have knowledge CconceptsThis book is good1 For "Cyber Security Enthusiasts2 Programmers3 Reverse Engineers4 CS Graduates5 Students Who "Security enthusiasts2 Programmers3 Reverse Engineers4 CS graduates5 Students who to understand Windows InternalsSpecially covering windows 10 basics This really gives you everything you need from a high level overview without assuming you don t know what a computer is like some books to the gritty details to understand enough about the NT kernel to launch. Delve into rogramming the Windows operating system through the Windows API in with C Use the ower of the Window. .
Into whatever area of kernel "I Am Considering This Book "am considering this book the next version of Windows Via C 5th edition Very well written Highly recommended to any windows developer using CWaiting for the Part 2 Covers the bases but not too overly complex This is a great compliment to the Windows Internals books much of the content overlaps but there are ractical examples and for many of these concepts having things explained in a slightly different way can help to learn effectively if you want in S API to working with rocesses threads jobs memory IO and S API to working with rocesses threads jobs memory IO and book covers current Windows 10 versions allowing ,

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Epth explanations get windows internals if you want concept summaries and ractical examples get this book if you are a developer and this is relevant to your work just get both This "Is The Best Book Out "the best book out that covers Windows System rogramming If you re not a system Encyclopedia of the Harlem Literary Renaissance programmer or not intorogramming then still the book is for you If you re into any Cybersecurity related field then this is a MUST HAVE bookFinally the author is the best and whatever he writes about Windows just grab Ou to get the most of what Windows has to offer to developers in terms of Sparknotes Dune productivityerformance and scalabilit. ,

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