(The Montessori Toddler: A Parents Guide to Raising a Curious and Responsible Human Being) [PDF] ò Simone Davies

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The Montessori Toddler: A Parent's Guide to Raising a Curious and Responsible Human Being Kindle Edition

The Montessori Toddler: A Parents Guide to Raising a Curious and Responsible Human Being

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De the normal range of developmental milestones might have BEEN HELPFUL AND INCLUSIVE THE BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT HOWEVER WAS helpful and inclusive The biggest disappointment however was advice on sleep I don t know what ualifications the author has to make sleep suggestions but I was very surprised to find advice against feeding to sleep and encouraging self settling from birth Whilst the author advises against cry it out alone she does advocate a crying to sleep approach whilst you are in the room This seems the opposite of the Montessori approach of follow the child Forcing a child that wants to be cuddled to sleep to fall asleep alone seems the opposite of this and I for one doubt that I will look back on my child s babyhood and wish I had sat on a chair and read in their room whilst they cried instead of rocking them to sleep Toddlers are torn they want to help and don t want to cuddle and be left alone They are wise and yet irrational This is a much needed book among Montessori parenting books Many of these talk about setting up activities for academics this book is about setting up the home environment for success and rowth in all areas And because the needs of toddlers are uniue it is eared for parents during this wonderful complex periodAny parent of are uniue it is eared for parents during this wonderful complex periodAny parent of toddler will learn so much AND the book itself is lovely I ll start by saying that our home is set up to ensure our baby s safety while allowing as much exploration Railway Noise and Vibration: Mechanisms, Modelling and Means of Control growth and learning as possible At 11 months old our baby can not only walk but actually run all over the place Our baby eats and tastes everything I offer And our baby can understand basic words and directions such as This is a fish Give this to Daddy or Time for bed in two languages alreadyI was hoping for a book that would help us do even betterThis book failed miserablyIt came on as elitist discouraging highly privileged and just plain depressing I don t remember reading a book about toddlers as discouraging as this one honestlyThe discipline advice in this book was nothing I hadn t already read in every other book about babies and toddlers Except the other books didn t have those elitist unrealistic views on how perfectlyood and educative plastic toys should be thrown away which considering the number of kids out there who have nothing at all is a complete waste and disgrace how music should only be enjoyed in a peaceful environment and not as a background or how kids should have discovery stations all over the place which is unrealistic and unfeasible for most parents in this worldThere are wonderful apps out there to teach you how to make sure your toddler Noise. grows into a happy curious kid and a caring human beingAnd if like me this book made you feel absolutely awful please remember you are trying your best That s all that matters. Espectwithout resorting to bribes or punishmentSet up your home andet rid of the chaosCreate Montessori activities that are just right for your one to three year oldRaise an inuisitive learner who loves exploring the world around themSee the world through your toddlers eyes and be surprised and delighted by their perspectiveBe your childs uideand truly celebrate every stage. O her big chair by herself and used a stepladder a small chopping board a spreader and a not very sharp knife to make lunch together Yes we had some tears and yes we had some wilful contrariness but these are part of the normal toddler experience What we did not have is horrible meltdowns over unavoidable issues nappy changes again that left both of us feeling awful And both of our overall moods seemed better throughout the day This book has also helped me to understand and appreciate what she does at nursery I really love its emphasis on bringing your life into sync with your toddler s interests and rowing abilities in small and sustainable ways And the information is presented in such a memorable way while Im sure I ll read it again and again I m amazed at how much I ve remembered and how EASY IT HAS BEEN TO IMPLEMENT THE ADVICE IN it has been to implement the advice in sorts of challenging toddler situations Ok I ve said enough but seriously don t deliberate just et this book I ve followed Simone for a while and find her instagram really helpful and was very much looking forward to this bookPositives Book is well laid out easy to dip in and out and to read small sections at a time Beautiful illustrations Following some big Montessori Instagram "accounts had left me feeling a bit overwhelmed but Simone makes incorporating the approach simple and achievable I also "had left me feeling a bit overwhelmed but Simone makes incorporating the approach simple and achievable I also that her age appropriateness suggestions for activities were reasonable Simple suggestions on how to make little tweaks to your home to set a child up for success and independence I like the emphasis put on spending time outdoors Strategies for respectful parenting with limits have really helped me and I particularly like the instead of this say that pageNegatives language work suggestions with flashcards etc seem tedious and time consuming to set up and unnecessary I don t think language acuisition needs to be forced like that Book advises against playpens but doesn t take into account different houses have different layouts where a child s playspace can t always be in your eyeline or that they can be made a cosy and comforting space Advice re stand up diapering doesn t really work for cloth nappies which I find impossible to fit properly unless lying down Book assumes a certain level of income and privilege ie if you live in a city take trips to lake or mountains and even what the author suggests as simple and cheap modifications to your home aren t in reality especially if you change a lot at one time Book also assumes children are all able bodied My daughter is deaf and a very late walker Surely she has encountered a wide variety of children with additional needs in her work as a Montessori teacher Some perspective on applying the approach with children who fall outsi. Ery aspect of living with a toddler here are five principles for feeding your childs natural curiosity from Trust in the child to Fostering a sense of wonder Step by step ways to cultivate daily routines with ease like brushing teeth toilet training dealing with siblings losing the pacifier Plus learn how to Stay composed when your toddler is not and set limits with love and

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This book has really enthused me to re frame the way I look at a lot of my parenting skills for my nearly three year and one year old it really is eye opening I have read it cover to cover this week and have truly found it life changing sounds dramatic I know I have been falling into a lot of traps recently and this ives me a clear and straight forward path to improve the connection I have with my children and raise children who feel seen and know how to find satisfaction "from within I had fallen into the trap of saying Coma Therapy goodirl or "within "I HAD FALLEN INTO THE TRAP OF SAYING GOOD " had fallen into the trap of saying Imperial nomads: A history of central Asia, 500-1500 good or done in every sentence and now looking back it was hollow and vacuous I m now really observing my kids I m feeding back on what they have done not praising with every sentence as I want them to do the right thing as they understand that it feels better for them not to please me It s weird but this book has touched on everything I am struggling with right now andives direct feedback on how to change no waffle Gosh I could o on on how to change no waffle Gosh I could o on on but if you are feeling disconnected frustrated and like you have a short fuse with your toddler I implore you to read this and feel refreshed revived and ready to face another full on day with two tantrumming toddlers I reallyHope she writes a follow on book for children aged 4 upwards as I would love to have that at the ready as my two change and develop Best and only parenting book you need I d you have toddlers I ve never actually made it through others as I zone out with all the text but this is so direct and beautifully presented I couldn t put it down This book has changed our lives for the better pretty much overnight I have an especially strong willed 16 month old and while I feel I ve been coping ok with some of the big toddler themes ie strong emotions increasing autonomy I ve had a nagging sense that things didn t have to be uite so hard and that I wasn t really meeting my daughter s needs This book has Penans: The vanishing nomads of Borneo given me the tools to do exactly and to meet my own needs as well It s helped me to see how I can reorganise our home and life to make things harmonious for all of us andiven me some very simple but incredibly effective techniues for dealing with some of our biggest challenges such as nappy changes It s beautifully written and put together it really felt like a treat to read and like many of the best books about parenting see also Philippa Perry has Tents: Architecture of the nomads given me some profound and constructive insights into myself as well as my daughter After all we re pretty much all toddlers on the inside right I don t think I had any idea how capable my child is before reading this book nor how fun and satisfying both of us would find collaborating together on small everyday tasks Today for instance we worked out how my daughter could climb int. Turn your home into a Montessori homeand become a mindful attentive and easygoing parent Its time to change the way we see toddlers Using the principles developed by the educator Dr Maria Montessori Simone Davies shows how to turn life with a terrible two into a mutually rich and rewarding time of curiosity learning respect and discovery With hundreds of practical ideas for ev.