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Neverending Tactics: 3003 Positions to Perfection (English Edition)

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Recently the Bulgarian chessplayer Lyudmil Tsvetkov has Published A Book With The Intriguing Title a book with the intriguing title secret of chess The title and introduction make clear that this is a very ambitious project but the author is not a wellknown author or chessplayer So the first and foremost uestion may be if Mr Tsvetkov has the credentials to write a book about chess secrets that have not been uncovered yet A short journey on the net shows us that his last recorded strength ratingwise is that of a strong clubplayer candidate master in USCF terminology and that he has been involved in valuation methodology for the modern strong chessengines That in itself is not an affirmation yet of that important uestion if uality has been guaranteed in this new and supposedly groundbreaking bookIt is not a surprise that controversy broke out as a result of this with several sharp denials on one side and the author stating his immense involvement in the last five years and putting that up is his credentials Both sides have Their Points But This Still points but this still the potential reader in the darkUntil the Australian grandmaster David Smerdon whom I know as a strong and openminded chessplayer wrote a review on The secret of chess He has uite a few critical points to make but also writes that the book is a kind of work that legitimately has the potential to revolutionize how we think about chess That is a very interesting statement and made me buy the book at de This review is a result of collecting my first impressions because working it through in detail is a herculean job and will take much time than I had thus far First of all it is a book about pattern recognition and we are all aware that this is a Traité sur la Réintégration des Êtres dans leur première propriété, vertu et puissance spirituelle divine effective concept in chess tuition The world famous Steps method is built on pattern recognition and many tutorials use this concept In this book a strong clubplayer strongnough to understand what chess is all about not strong Le dernier templier enough to face titled players with succes in a practical game has done five years of research methodicallyvaluating a multitude of positions testing them with the help of the strongest ngines and classifying the results in patterns uite a few patterns are clearly new to me that is I have never considered them beforeWhat about the method that Tsvetkov used to research the underlying secrets of chess does it make se. Best Book, Lecture impossible Author Lyudmil Tsvetkov This is. Major issues in my opinion and not being a native speaker nor being an xpert in native speaker nor being an Le Second Messie : Les Templiers, le suaire de Turin et le grand secret de la Franc-maçonnerie expert in I do not feel ualified to comment on that Could have been better but not the most important aspects of the bookWhat is clearly important is the uestion if the goal of this book has been attained A chess manual like this should inform and teach the reader about the new conclusions that the author has drawn up The introduction stated that the book should be of use to a large range of potential readers from weaker to stronger players and computer programmers I clearly agree with Smerdon that the book is written like a mathematics textbook Which harms it s accessibility for the general reader and makes it uite a tough job to work it through What I am still missing is a good didactic method to transfer the revolutionary knowledge in this book to the reader in anasily digestable form In this form I can imagine computer programmers are happy But the other part of the potential customers would probably have liked to have seen the interesting conclusions in this bookin textual form and generalisations which makes learning a lot Traité sur la réintégration des êtres easier It adds to acceptance of this new book to know how the author has worked and see proof of that Forxample in tables with values but I do not want to remember hundreds of themStill I think this book has a lot to recommend it is a highly modern manual of chess patterns but there is still a lot of individual work involved to formulate the knowledge to our own purpose a form that we can memorise A Guide to Mystical France: Secrets, Mysteries, Sacred Sites easily Ich habe bisher nur das Kapitel Pawns gelesen und das hat mir gut gefallenDas Buch ist komplett auf English geschrieben und meiner Meinung nach leicht verst ndlich geschrieben Das Layout ist optisch furchtbar offensichtlich war hier kein Fachmann Werbeagentur o am Werk aber das ist bei diesem Preis von dem Buch auch nicht zurwartenInhaltlich komm ich als SchachleieAmateurspieler nur sehr m hselig voran was aber mit der ualit t des Inhalts nichts zu tun hatIch finde das Kapitel Pawns des Buchs sehr hilfreich um die ualit ten von Bauernstrukturen auf dem Schachbrett m glichst gut Féminin actif, féminin solaire einzusch tzen dieigenen und die des Gegenspielers nat rlichZusammengefasst bin ich Coco Panache erstmal zufrieden mit meinem Kauf Wenn ich den Rest des Buches durchgearbeitet habe werde ich meine Rezension hier anpassen undrg nze. Zed and always take inspiration from the contents of the book.

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L'Histoires des Prophetes (Adam/Idris/Noé)
Nse He has used his brain to design a method and to draw up conclusions and strong Zanoni ou la sagesse des Rose-Croix engines to help him to verify hisvalutions Values have been added to the pieces and certain characteristics of the patterns he has researched Besides he refines the system by adding bonusses or penalties for Les noces chymiques de Christian-Rose-Croix example a backward pawn in a pawnstructure or a decentralised knight is given a bonus on the basic value There is also a sharp division between middlegame andndgame where certain characteristics may a different impact on the valuation of the position this sounds very logical One of the conclusions that the author draws is that THE BISHOP IS A MUCH STRONGER PIECE THAN THE bishop is a much stronger piece than the xcept for blocked positions of course and he really makes a point here I remember Mikhail Gurevich after winning a game where he faced a socalled good knight that he agreed with Victor Kortchnoi that a bishop is always better than a knight A bit tongue in cheek but most chessplayers may in fact underestimate bishops What I conclude about Tsvetkov s methodology is that is is largely Les cathares et la reincarnation empirical he is finding results not inventing themWhat themes have been researched by the author material piece valuesmobilitypawnsoutpostsimbalancesking s safetygeneral piece activity and coordinationEach theme is illustrated by a number of patterns and these patterns have beenvaluated by attaching values to them Lyudmil Tsvetkov believes that the knowledge of these patterns will strongly improve the reader s strength in chess He states that by these five years of intense chess research he has gained uite a considerable playing strength compared to what he understood about chess before he took on this task That is possible but can not be verified on games with Les Mystères templiers engines alone as games with humans reuire different skills But judging thexamples he used in the book and the normous amount of time spent on them I am ready to believe this has been very substantial to his current chess understanding which must have improved considerably I remember books like Ziatdinov s GM Ram claiming that there is a certain amount of positions that you should know in order to play well In this book it is a number of about 1000My general opinion on the book is uite positive but it has it s weaknesses as well Layout and use of English language are important but are not. Very good and a main topic to read, the readers are very ama. Lecture impossible