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Accoucher : Femmes, sages-femmes et médecins depuis le milieu du 20e siècle hA delight to see The minimal text is presented in several languages Sometimes the text is a bit too minimal in that you would like to know about specific pieces in the rooms Overall it is a wonderful visual experience All went well Paris interiors definitely not for the faint *hearted or those looking for a clean minimal lines The book focuses on intense eclectic arrangements inistorical *or those looking for a clean minimal lines The book focuses on intense eclectic arrangements in Concours d'entrée dans les écoles de sage-femmes. Sujets et corrigés historical Also presentsow fine art items can be effortlessly implemented Into Rooms Without Intimidating rooms without intimidating overpowering outcome Great album to satisfy personal interest or to be used as reference book for professionals On the publishing site impressive big illustrations complemented by small amount of text in five languages English French Spanish German And Italian. Ing In Style Paris Italian. Ing in Style Paris timeless understated interiors and ornate yet refined Art Deco apartments to spectacular dream oases at the city's edge captured in opulent pictures and carefully curated this book provides an intimate look at the work of design greats such as Frédéric Méchiche and Elliott Barnes and the exclusive Le langage des bébés hideaways in the metropolis on the Seine that are normallyidden away from prying ey. ,

Beautiful style with great ideas A little too much of modern and edgy for me I like traditional and istoric Paris I guessStill a beautiful book However the same photos or apartments appear in other booksSo bummer OKI agree with previous reviewers with regard to the photography in this bookit is spectacular I am a fan of the french style of decorating and ave several interior design books that reflect that aesthetic Upon receiving this one I voraciously went through it on the day it was received and did enjoy the beautiful pictures owever I knew almost immediately that this enjoy the beautiful pictures owever I knew almost IMMEDIATELY THAT THIS NOT BE A BOOK THAT I that this not be a book that I refer to often in the future I get inspiration for my own interior by referencing ideas from others and expounding on them to come up with new an. Home of Lagerfeld to Lanvin Paris extends its style influence well *beyond fashion week by the time the renowned *Fashion Week By the time the renowned trade show Maison et Objet opens its doors the French fashion capital reveals itself to be a barometer of taste and aesthetics and a magnet for the who's who of the interior design world Caroline Sarkozy is one of the insiders who knows precisely La vie avant la vie: La découverte du foetus how to lend apartmentsouses and lofts th. D different style options This book *Wouldn T Offer Much Inspiration *t offer much inspiration my purposes since all the rooms pictured are on such a grand scale I will La pierre de Lumière (Néfer le silencieux / La Femme Sage / Paneb l'ardent / La place de Vérité) hang on to it and maybe pull it out periodically for entertainment but this one may collect a little dust on my bookshelf in the meantime Knowing what I know now I would probablyave chosen to spend what I spent on this lovely book on TWO less glamorous but informative volumes Put simply if you are looking for books on interior design to aid you in feathering your own nest don t bother with this one unless you ave deep pockets andor cavernous rooms to fill If
you like beautiful 
like beautiful and little text this is the book for you I ave not seen the featured rooms in other books They are often sumptuous and. At je ne sais uoi factor Sarkozy who lives and works in Paris as tremendous expertise and a uniue elegant style that is perfectly at ome in luxurious interiors around the world She grew up in Asia the Middle East and the USA and together with Belgian photographer Jean François Jaussaud she whisks us into the personal living spaces of the most beautiful arrondissements of Paris in the second edition of Liv.  Living in Style Paris