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Magick: Without Tears Kindle EditionThe Writings of Aleister Crowley (Annotated): The Book of Lies, The Book of the Law, Magick and Cocaine Kindle EditionThe Lesser Key of Solomon Kindle EditionMAGICK IN THEORY AND PRACTICE Kindle EditionThe Goetia of Solomon the King Kindle EditionThe Book of the Law Kindle EditionThe Book of Lies Kindle EditionThe Writings of Aleister Crowley 2 (Annotated): White Stains, The Psychology of Hashish and The Blue Equinox Kindle EditionThe Greater and Lesser Keys of Solomon the King Kindle EditionMagical Record of the Beast 666 Kindle EditionThe Equinox, Vol. 1, No. 1: The Review of Scientific Illuminism (The Equinox: The Review of Scientific Illuminism) Kindle EditionThe Psychology of Hashish Kindle Edition

I bought this as a spare to make notes on However please avoid this copy No point with this copyfar too many errors poor Greek transliteration and indeed spelling Crowley was a genius flawed perhaps but a genius nonetheless The Book of Lies sparkles with his wit and wisdom both interwoven to produce a book that at turns mystifies and enlightens but which never fails to provoke thought Read and ponder for these be grave mysteries It was good but it ind of bored me I think this needs dedication I m not willing to give to dissect fully what I am suppo. AleisterCrowley was a noted and controversial occultist ceremonial magician and poet He has been called the wickedest man in the world or The Great Beast 666or FraterPerdurabo but he remained a highly influential figure over Western esotericism and the counterculture This book contains features aphorisms and paradoxes that invoke the SYMBOLISM OF FREEMASONRY AND OTHER TRADITIONS ABALAH SATANISM THIS of Freemasonry and other traditions abalah Satanism This a valuable book to anyone interested in occult studiesExcerptNone the less I could point to some solid achievement on the large scale although it is composed of or less disconnected elements I refer toThe Book of LiesIn this there ar. Sed to be interpreting It sok I suppose Interesting at times and few uotable lines but mostly felt like ramblings which I few uotable lines but mostly felt like ramblings which I is to BE EXPECTED I DIDN T REALLY expected I didn t really a large portion of this so I gave it only 2 out of 5 since there s really not a lot to judge It s short it s cryptic and it s not very engaged The history behind thi I already own a paperback copy of this book I bought this book because I thought that It would be the same book but with a neat tome like hardcover edition Boy was I dead wrong The paperback published by WeiserBooks is the. E 93 chapters we count as a chapter the two pages filled respectively with a note of interrogation and a mark of exclamation The other chapters contain sometimes a single word freuently from a half dozen to twenty phrases occasionally anything up to a dozen to twenty paragraphs The subject of each chapter is determined or less definitely by the abalistic import of its number Thus Chapter 25 gives a revised ritual of the Pentagram; 72 is a rondel with the refrain 'Shemhamphorash' the Divine name of 72 letters; 77 Laylah whose name adds to that number; and 80 the number of the letter Pé referred to Marsa panegyric upon War Sometimes. Actual book with 93 chapters including the and as the first two chapters Also there is interpretations of each chapter that is

Extremely Fascinating In The Paperback 
fascinating in the paperback fake hardcover two chapters Also there is interpretations of each chapter that is extremely fascinating in the paperback The fake hardcover that I wasted 31 dollars on is a terrible rip off of The Book Of LiesI tossed it in the trash bin It wasn t even numbered properly with the chapters DO NOT PURCHASE THIS KNOCK OFF The paperback Weiser Books edition is the definitive edition I don t need my money back I just need people to Droit des sociétés - 9e ed. know that there are fake versions of books that will sell anyone Buyer bewar. The text is serious and straightforward sometimes its obscure oracles demand deepnowledge of the abalah for interpretation others contain obscure allusions play upon words secrets expressed in cryptogram double or triple meanings which must be combined in order to appreciate the full flavour; others again are subtly ironical or cynical At first sight the book is a jumble of nonsense intended to insult the reader It reuires infinite study sympathy intuition and initiation Given these I do not hesitate to claim that in none other of my writings have I given so profound and comprehensive an exposition of my philosophy on every plan. The Book of LIES

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