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Is neo paganism Years can go wasted And Development Stagnate While Stuck Churning Through development stagnate while stuck churning through absolute unk that purports to be CelticIrishPaganism This book than sufficiently helps one to put their feet on a sure path to a spirituality that has some substance So happy to find a book dedicated to Irish specific paganism I ve noticed the mispronunciations and spelling of certain words such as Beltane ew and recognized the Irish root in it This book is a fantastic resource to set things straight and I feel capable to connect my spiritual path to my homeland where I was born and raised and my ancestors as past great grandparents it s a bit unknownYou will not be coddled in this book so if that s what you want look elsewhere I for one thoroughly appreciate Lora s sentiment in this book and where she is coming from and she is to the point and out straightHighly recommend. Ritual progression through a Witch's life magical training physical growth Providing alternatives to the traditional stages of a child's life in modern Irish cultureWhen it was released in 2004 this was the first traditionally published Pagan book ever written by an Irish author It was The Book That This Author book that this author sought for over a decade previously The 2nd edition of this book continues to do now what it did for The 2nd edition of this book continues to do now what it did for many on first publication it bridges the gap between 'Celtic' NeoPagan nonsense and authentic Irish Pagan Practice. Oing to be which was definitely dishearteningTLDR All in all the is perfect for someone new or a light novice to witchcraft I in all the book is perfect for someone or a light novice to witchcraft I even go as far as to say for a younger audience only Nothing new to learn for people who have already done a lot of research alreadyIt does center itself around true Irish witchcraft I will give it that Just too much unessasary banter and belittling between the actual information and the tone of the book is hard connect toI will be returning this book Maybe 10 15 years ago this would have been the perfect starting book for me This is the book I needed for the last 10 years Finally a book about real authentic native Irish Spirituality Made So Many Things Clearer And Made so many things clearer and by understanding A book whose substance I finally feel a deep rooted ancestral connection to It can be challenging to step out of the pop culture clinate of what. O genuine practiceIrish Witchcraft from an Irish Witch explores the past Providing an investigation of the Witches' place in Irish mythology Looking at Witchcraft and magic by examining the customs connected with the Sidhe the Irish Fairies Examining historical evidence of the Witch trials that swept across the island of Ireland through the agesAnd the present and beyond by Working with Irish Gods and Goddesses landscapes and energies Examining the wheel of the year with its festivals cycles and seasons of Irish culture Looking at. ,
The author writes in the preface I so VERY young when I wrote this But also that she wrote the book that she to read as a 15 year old I wrote this But also that she wrote the book that she needed to read as a 15 year old think that *pretty much sums up the book really well *much sums up the book really well and not in the best way It s full of the author complaining mostlyFor someone who is interested in Irish witchcraft and already scoured the web and read all kinds of articles and forum threads theres nothing new for you in this book Only perhaps pieces of folklore you did not know My other issue is the general tone of the book I feel like I m reading an narration of an adult who sick and tired of people getting things wrong about their favorite topic and is writing an essay about itI honestly feel like if I wrote a strongly opinionated book on a specific topic as a naive 20 year old it sound a lot like this hahaThis really wasnt the professional book I thought it was Updated and Revised 2nd EditionIrish Witchcraft from an Irish Witch is a delightful mixture of academia and accessibility; a book that explores Witchcraft in Ireland how it was is and will be It succeeds where many books have failed fulfilling the longing for real Irish Witchcraft while crafting the delicate balance between learning from the past and weaving a modern system based on truth and respect Lora O'Brien is an Irish Draoí user of magic working closely with her heritage and her native land providing a contemporary guide Irish Witchcraft from an Irish Witch: True to the Heart

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