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Belonging: The Story of the Jews 1492–1900Absolutely compelling account though the audiobook versions are my preferred way of absorbing information Mr Schama is a master of the art of historical research and writing a few sentences in Belonging has the power to conjure up a realistic image of times gone by and not just for those who are Jewish this story resonates throughout human history Outstanding Takes some time I think anti semitism is disgusting as I think all religious fundamentalism is Cruelty demonstrated in arlier centuries uite harrowing If you are familiar with Simon Schama talking then the rhythmsin the book are similar This is fragmentary than I Conspiration des élites : Tome 2, Armageddon expected focussing as it does on individual Jews during the period who perhaps illustrate the world history I missed seeing those dates under the title so was doubly perplexed I did persevere and some sections do really come alive but at other times for instance the common ground for Jews in China with the philosophy of Confucius the general focus is than a little blurred It does really bring out that a Jewish perception ofvents is likely to be moulded by birth very much So a widening of perception for me Asked to review before I ve finished this rather long but fascinating book I don t want to wait till The End Before Saying end before saying good it is because I am terrified of reading what happened last though I see he stops at 1900 thank goodness Schama is amazingly clear at presenting Best Kindle, Belonging: The of the Jews 1492–1900 author Simon. .

SUMMARY Belonging: The Story of the Jews 1492–1900

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And therefor find Buddhism acceptable Both systems are predominantly of rules of moral behaviour Both have wonderful services music buildings and wise people within to turn to Some people reading this book will find their views of the dangers of any religion confirmed but some of us love the company and rituals the consoling history of the valiant in these confessions and the possibility of comfort Societies also need rituals to strengthen families and help the dying and the bereaved and Judaism is wonderful at all thisOne final plea to Sir Simon Schama please publish a book of your part of BBC s Civilisations as have the other two presenters I Contacts avec les Pléiadiens - La mission du Rexégéna enjoyed your programmes mostAnd thank you for Belonging Magnificently wide ranging and wonderfully written I bought it because I d found Simon Schama s television history of the Jews interesting and the book covers so much He delves into all kinds of hidden corners of the Jewish diaspora showing that at different times and in different places Jews had a very varied culture andxperience not at all what we lazily assume in the 21C I also like the way he weaves his own history and family into the narrative often in a very amusing way It has been a terrific Aides à l'Ascension dans la 5ème dimension: Communiqué des Êtres de Sirius A eye opener for a Christian I ve been a practising CofE all my life to have Jewish traditions and aspects of culturexplained by an insider and to learn about significant thinkers and writers I d never ven heard E very and to learn about significant thinkers and writers I d never ven heard E very and and to learn about significant thinkers and writers I d never ven heard E very amazed and take inspiration from the contents of the boo. ,
History of the diaspora over several hundred years and many countries not just In Europe His Story Is Freuently Lit Europe His story is freuently lit by individuals of all kinds many countries not just in Europe His story is freuently lit up by individuals of all kinds of them astonishing all interesting He presents cities like Odessa to choose a recent one so clearly that I can imagine myself there and am convinced he has travelled verywhere as well as having read Les Ovnis et la défense: A quoi doit-on se préparer ? everything tooMy main impression is of the terrifying behaviour of all kinds of nations against Jews started by Christians but somehow still perpetrated today when surelyveryone knows Jesus was one of hundreds judicially murdered by the Romans and was himself a reforming Jew Schama discusses other reasons for this animosity such as Jews might be suspected of not being true to the countries they live in and that alas I see springing up today applying to Muslims as well Jews are The Alien Agendas: A Speculative Analysis of Those Visiting Earth (English Edition) evidently never safe for long and the recent British hostility to Europe I see as part of this same terror of any kind of stranger and I fear it may spread once again to those who are not Christian in countries where that predominates Why Are Christians so afraid for their own belief system as Jews in Spinoza s time were when confronted by his arguments What is it that makes us so fearful of having our belief systems upsetBut that is one of the many discussions this book may lead to Another result is for me a wish to return to at least reform Judaismven though I do not believe in God. Schama CBE This is very good and a main topic to read, the readers ar.

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