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Edinburgh Castle for Kids: Fun Facts and Amazing Activities

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Explore Scotland's most famous castle home to kings and ueens the site of Historic Battles And The battles and the kings and ueens site of historic battles and robably the known Heidi place in Scotland Published inartnership with history experts at Edinburgh Castle and Historic Environment Scotland this fun fact acked book includes everything you need to know about the castle's 1000 year history Its most famous. Residents and treasures Who attacked the castle and who tried to defend it Its dank dungeons and the risoners TRIED TO ESCAPE THE BATTLES AND INCREDIBLE tried to escape The terrible battles and incredible The secrets and the mysteries Conveying fascinating facts through simple words and loads of historically accurate illustrations Edinburgh Castle for Kids will appeal to a wide age.
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Range of young visitors from Over The World Each over world Each includes a fun activity mazes doodling and colouring spot the difference untangle search and find and join the dots With a mix of brilliant FACTS AND ENJOYABLE ACTIVITIES EDINBURGH CASTLE and enjoyable activities Edinburgh Castle Kids is the ultimate guide for kids to Scotland's most famous landmark whether you've visited or no. ,

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