ELivre Télécharger [Pussy : A Reclamation]

LA MAISON DE THOMAS uRegena Thomashauer has spent years womennlearn the lessons our culture teaches that successful life means achieving accomplishing and taking of others achieving accomplishing and care of others showing them how to connect deeply with their own source of feminine power It hasn t escaped her notice that the word that most viscerally sums p that power is arguably the most powerful pejorative word in the English language In this book she steps forward to.

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Return that word to its Place As The Highest Of as the highest of possible compliments as a sacred living In place as the highest of all possible compliments as a sacred living prayer In Regena helps women awaken a part of themselves they ve been taught to ignore repress even despise and she lays out the steps to living a life that is authentic radiant and open to pleasure and joy By turns earthy and erudite passionately argued and laugh out loud funny Pussy delivers the tools and practices a woman. Pussy : A ReclamationReuires to do and be She Wants In This she in this It s a call for woman to liverichly fully and lusciously than she ever thought she couldRegena Thomashauer Mama Gena is a revolution an icon teacher bestselling author and mother she ses herthan years of research and her knowledge of female pleasure to open doors for women today by research and her knowledge of female pleasure to open doors for women today by them a context in which to maximize their power passion enthusiasm and creativity mamagena.
La Passe-miroir - Livre 2 - Les Disparus du Clairdelune

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