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PUNTO DE CRUZ AMOR.: Más de 110 patrones de imágenes, de 12 cm de tamaño, para bordar en punto de cruz. (Spanish Edition… oTherebeauty elegance devotion wisdom and an authentic intention to share all she s learned so we can grow in community together Love you Elena You re an inspiration A most beautiful combof Elena s words and art She is #One Of The Most Prolific # of the most prolific teachers in the country I ve followed her for many years and she has poured a lot Mosaïque, 300 astuces, motifs et secrets de fabrication of her wisdom into this book Getne for yourself and another stack for the nes you love the most

me I waffled endlessly about this long awaited journal I follow the author for her beautiful positive perspective n life self care yoga and so much Her watercolors and longhand soothing wisdom were sure to be the journal I ve always wanted However I have been writing in journals from composition books to flowery bound books to spiral bound notebooks for decades and Le Grand cours de poterie one thing I know is that to support the comfortf writing pen Céramique or marker in hand the journal must liepen flat and easy to scribble in When I received Being You a journal I knew it was Initiation à la poterie avec et sans tour of an inspiration a thingf art than a good Fours en terre crue - Manuel pratique illustré pour une construction autonome old journal to fill and fill with words and pictures When Ipened it the spine split Hence the return I can t say anything negative about the sheer loveliness f the book return I can t say anything negative about the sheer loveliness f the book it s just not bound for real writing I m saddened to share this but if you are looking for a real book to explode with words and thoughts hopes dreams and memories you ll still need something else to write in First L'émail off I love listening to Elena Brower s podcasts She holds space beautifully and I enjoy the thoughtful interviews But this journalwell I really like the colors and texturef the pages in this journal There is plenty The Japanese Pottery Handbook: Revised Edition of space to ponder your thoughts and write However I think I needed better writing prompts inrder to fill the pages It s like I read the words Céramique : techniques de décor sur cru et biscuit: Empreinte, pochoir, mishima, dessin et peinture sur argile... on. Ith prompts thoughtful uestions lists inspiring uotations and beautiful art this journal will help you embrace self discovery work through difficult feelings and shape the life you wantA celebrationf joys possi. I found Elena through Yoga Glo years ago and started following her When she released Practice You I was deeply moved by the Work And Gifted It To and gifted it to huge group f people and my team at workWhen she announced Being You I had concerns How could she top Practice You She had "An Incredible Podcast And Basically "incredible podcast and basically ff in all her businesses from it La poterie au tour pas à pas or so it seemed from anutsider When Being You arrived at my doorstep last night I waited to Carve Your Clay: Techniques to Bring the Pottery Surface to Life open it until the kids were uiet and I had time to myselfIt was better than I had hoped wanted and expected It s a piecef art with captivating prompts and uestions Elena created something that was as satisfying as a favorite meal and I devoured it page by page into the early morning The art the carefully chosen uotes all played together like a songBeing You is a must if you are craving beauty Saint-Porchaire Ceramics or even just introspection I have attached a photo from the bookn Grief I have become close friends with grief as I have been navigating the last 19 months since my 26 year La poterie avec les enfants : Toutes les bases techniques + 50 ateliers thématiques old brother passed Being you is a book that will allow you to thinkbserve and growIt is a must Elena has created another beautiful The Complete Guide to Mid-Range Glazes: Glazing Firing at Cones 4-7 offering with Being You I already have a sweet relationship to her first journal Practice You and have spent many precious moments caring for myself and my time by diving into the prompts and creatively expressing my thoughts through her uniue and artistic layouts And I ve gifted countless beloveds a copy too I ll be doing the same with Being You This time around I feel like I m being invited even to luxuriate in deep time and to listen with my full being to the words that want to emerge as I give myself permission to make space to know myself ever deeply This journal is most welcoming andf course carries the signature New wave clay of all things Elena putsut. A journal from yoga luminary and artist Elena Brower to La Mosaïque : Les Techniques open you to self discovery joy and healing Being You A Journal takes youn an interactive journey f discovery creative expression and empowerment Filled The page and then I go blanklike now whator what if I m not pondering this in my life at the momentlet me flip to a couple f pages that are speaking to me and now I ve to a couple Chinese Glazes: Their Origins, Chemistry, and Recreation of pages that are speaking to me and now I ve those pages and I m back to either ignoring the brief prompts and writing what in my heart but now the prompts don t match my thoughtslol Maybe it s me but writing in this journal just felt difficult I d like either writing with promptsr none at all for free form writing taking in the beautiful shapes and colors and textures Paperclay: Art and Practice on the pages This second journal by Elena Brower is both beautiful and fullf inspiration Each page includes a creative painting and thought provoking words for self inuiry This is a journal you will want to also gift a friend A beautiful and immaculate journey into beingyou and being even The Art of Kintsugi: Learning the Japanese Craft of Beautiful Repair of who you want to be Outf all my Elena books this Porcelain one might be my favorite It enforces such deep introspection self love and compassion The artwork is so beautiful and her words speak directly to your soul This is not a self help book butf a self love book which I think we all need a little up in this self love book which I think we all need a little up in this you haven t bought this book yet and you re reading this review take my word for it and buy it You will learn so mu cm about yourself I love you Elena whoever is reading this I have been writing in journals all my life After filling the first journal Elena created Practice You I was so excited to dive into Being You I found it to be a sacred space Her watercolors are beautiful and the prompts spoke directly to my heart I carry it from my nightstand to my yoga room where I write each morning and night I feel like my words and feelings are surrounded by beauty as I am Being Me So grateful for this space This journal is a must for me and those I have gifted it to Just what I wantrd. Bilities and potential Being You also embraces the uestions anxieties and complexities Simon Leach's Pottery Handbook of life You’ll learn town your experience and authentically define the changes you want to see in yourself and in the wor.

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 Being You: A Journal
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