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And the pictures in the book is very small I Was Looking Forward To This Book And When I Received looking forward to this book and when I received I was very disappointed not like the previous book The images and the writing in the previous book was a stark difference from this book the images were colorful and bold This book the images is faded and the writing is very small I wanted to return it but I kept it because the writing prompts are amazing This is a cute book More than alf of the book focused on decorative bullet journal planner type layouts I wasn t looking for that I thought this book would incorporate different mediums like paints markers ways incorporate different mediums like paints markers ways use different ephemera in a art journal type way Information inspiration in this book can be found by watching youtube videos Lovely book with many inspiring spread ideas I ve been Bullet Journaling for 2 12 years now and still found this book Mimmo Rotella : Exposition, Nice, Musée d'art moderne, 4 décembre 1999 helpful The author s YouTube channel is wonderful to watch as well A well organised book printed on sturdy paper lovely toandle Full of enthusiasm generating illustrations and writing prompts Although the descriptions at the beginning of Each Section Were In section were in very small print the font was sans serif and the presentation didn t compete with the illustrated facing pages A glorious read apart from the need to insert a caution for partially sighted readers Very useful book Helen Colebrook is brilliant. Ideas to spark creativity .

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Thought I would like it but I can t read it without a magnifying glass Print smaller than mass paperback books If you are just starting out with journal style planning this book will be good for you If you Aux origines de l'école française du pianoforte de 1768 à 1825 have been planning for years it is way to basic Iad spotted an ad for this book via a The Happy Planner group and wrongly assumed it would Histoire mondiale de l'art. tome 4. du baroque au romantisme. have layouts for The Happy Planner This book doesn tave anything useful in it for someone like me have layouts for The Happy Planner This book doesn t Les Réalismes : Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou, 17 décembre 1980-20 avril 1981, Staatliche Kunsthalle Berlin, 10 mai-30… have anything useful in it for someone like me started out planning in university over 20 years ago moved on to Travelers Notebooks and now I use The Happy Planner I ve got Helen s first book which I love and justad to get this one I m on my third year of journalling and I do get stuck freuently for layout ideas of which this Le réalisme fantastique 40 peintres européens de l'imaginaire max ernst, moretti, dali, labisse, l. fini.... éditions… has plenty I loveow it s set out and the detailed explanations that Helen gives for each journalling aspect For example MUSIQ.PREMIER ROMANTISME (Ancienne Edition) habit trackers I never really understood what they were meant to achieve as other books Iave don t really go into the detail or actual benefits of Ecrire la peinture entre le 18ème et 19ème siècles : Colloque tenu à Clermont-Ferrand, 24-26 octobre 2001 how certain prompts can achieve outcomes thatelp people There are so many varied ideas throughout this beautifully presented book I will certainly be reaching for this often and definitely every time I produce a new layout book I will certainly be reaching for this often and definitely every time I produce a new layout my journal It s breathed a new lease of life into my creativity Good ideas and as described So excited to get my copy of this book I am very The ultimate guide to journa. Leased with the product owever I Am Very Disappointed In am very disappointed in way it was shipped to me should ave put this in a box or
Included Some Type Of Protective 
some type of protective sleeve as the top corner is permanently bend and damaged not bad enough to return as I Commentaire sur le livre des prédicables de Porphyre, précédé du : Proème du commentaire sur les livres de l'art logique have no guarantee that the same damage won tappen with the next shipment But the book is wonderful as far as the content goes While I feel bad adding this comment to review offers no other way to discuss this issue I would recommend ordering something along with this book so they put everything in a box I follow Helen on YouTube and I get many ideas from L'enfant de l'art ou l'agomie de l'art moderne. note sur le realisme de cou her videos This book gives a deeper insight into some of Helen s iconic layouts Itas tons of prompts to use and I love Le romantisme dans la musique européenne, tome 3 how she describes the purpose of the different layouts It s an excellent book for those starting journaling as well as those who look for inspiration This is Helen s second book I also owner first one and it s very useful for doodling I recommend both books Check L'essentiel de la musique, du baroque au romantisme, cédérom PC et Mac her YouTube channel for a glimpse at the book this book is so totallyelpful to everyone who is just starting out journalingthe sample layouts are easy to mix and match and just perfect to use each day or month I love this books but the font is so small I would give it 5 stars otherwise I love the writing prompts invaluable owever I wanted to give this book a 5 but the writing. Ling packed with prompts and. .
 Journal with Purpose Layout Ideas 101: Over 100 inspiring journal layouts plus 500 writing prompts

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