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Couldn t put it down in the bookstorethen of course I bought it to njoy all the time Then I when I met him I bought HIS 80S TOYS BOOK WHICH IS 80s Toys book which is perfect coffee table book for anyone in their 30s and 40s who grew up with the memories of these sweet toysNow finally his Star Wars Guide I almost cried seeing EVERY toy from 1977 to 1985 and the stories behind the toys in making them and description of where the characters come from in the SW universe Most importantly he included preuel Ep I III backgrounds of characters in descriptions which I happen to LOVE It s like he said I know most people 30 years and older hate those Preuels BUT IT IS PART OF THE LEGACY AND STORY OF STAR WARS I happen to love those preuels because I was able to Chariots of the Gods enjoy it as 7 year old ME when they came out But that s another conversationMark I love it and YOU for writing this book and being hardcore about it Cannot wait for the next bookspecially if it s a guide to Marvel toys GIJoe Star Wars and Marvel is and will always be my favorite forms of La France des miracles - 150 lieux saints qui guérissent... ou pas ! entertainment forever Overall I loved the book and the trip down nostalgia lane The only complaint I have is it did NOT include the star wars micro metal line of products I found that really odd as it included thewoks and droids toys but otherwise a great resource for those of us old La France mystérieuse enough to have lived it back in the day OK my two cents on the new Ultimate Guide to Vintage Star Wars from Mark Bellomo To begin one must realize just HOW MANY different lines andras of toys do *in fact Les Mystiques Cartésiens : Tome 1, Des Intra-Terrestres à la Pyramide de Cristal-Lumière exist Withinach specific line of toys Enlevé par des extraterrestres exists literally anntire universe to xplore *fact xist Within UMMO l'avertissement (OVNIS) each specific line of toysxists literally an Découverte au Bucegi: Base extraterrestre et Histoire de l'humanité (OVNIS) entire universe toxplore in the fiction behind the toys as well as in the personal history for La conspiration des élites n'est plus une théorie : Une seule issue : dénonciation ou asservissement each of us from our childhoods Mark has done a wonderful job in covering both a hands down EXPANSIVE list of the Star Wars toys from the original Trilogy as well as illuminating the individual back stories forach character and set that made childhood playtime so great The photography and layout are a nice step up in layout and imagination from previous guides as well as a useful index to speed your journey should you need a uick lookup as well OR should you feel like sitting down for a good read one can lose several hours going page by page Mr Bellomo went above and beyond in this Rencontres avec le divin edition by running down the multitude of variants inxistence for many of these toys very helpful for those who find sport in hunting those individual lines He has Extraterrestres : l'enquête even gone so far as pointing out parts of the toys and sets that after 30 years may or usually WILL deteriorate then offering some common and or by default acceptable fixes or replacement parts Stock or restore The lines have indeed blurred A note about the author and his various volumes thisdition like many others has involved years of planning prep hunting writing and hunting and writing Mr Bellomo has a personal rule Nothing goes into his collector Les Gardiens: Comprendre la présence des extraterrestres – au-delà des abductions editions than he does not own This means no stock photos no hearsay rumor myth or legends He has to run downach item. Vehicles and lightsabers The adventures continued with a toy line that soon followed starting a hobby that still leaves collectors fascinated almost 40 years later The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Star Wars Action Figures 1977 1985 is the Next to the Kellerman booknow frustratingly rare xpensive this is inadeuate in many ways Bello mo writes robotically although it is often visually v pleasing a lot of pics comparing figure variations are very unclear I still feel it is worth the money but is missing some of the passion hardcore collectors look for I was really looking forward to getting this book but I nded up disappointedThe pictures and layout of the book are fantastic but my main gripe is the actual text about L’ARCHE: L’AVERTISSEMENT DES EXTRATERRESTRES D’ALPHA DU CENTAURE each figure On almostvery figure 80% of the information is about the characters storyhistory and only 20% is about the Kenner figure I was Extraterrestres : l'enquête expecting nearly all of it to be about the toy I don t need to read about how Chewbacca got rescued by Han Solo when he was youngerSo if you want loads of information and history on the Kenner toy line this isn t the book for you OK so the prices may be a bit out of date but actually if you re a fan rather than anxpert looking to collect the original Star Wars toys or maybe sell them this book is a really great guide to working out what s what what goes with what and whether its rare or not Lovely illustrations good clear write up and the right level of information Best of all illustrations good clear write up and the right level of information Best of all doesn t cost anything near the price of the Kellerman bible and current prices can Les gènes manipulés d'Adam: Les origines humaines à travers l'hypothèse de l'intervention biogénétique easily be found onBay and Star Wars collectors websites I was very pleased with this guide I have died and gone to heaven I love this book It arrived today and is perfect It is full colour and has all of the figures from the Les momies non humaines de Nazca: Un événement historique early 80s from the original trilogy in it along with variances on the figures limited collectors figures ships and accessories and all sets like thewok village or Yoda s swamp It is brilliant It has background information in it and also pricing whether the item is loose or mint in box pricing is in US dollars This is an ANUNNAKI: Reptilianos na História da Humanidade excellent book for anyone who grew up in the 80s and loved collecting Star Wars toys well what can I say this book has cost me a fortune let mexplain I thought this would just be a book showing the generation 1 star wars toys I was La 12e planète - La surprenante et véritable Première Chronique de la Terre excited to relive my childhood by looking at what I had when I was a kid and what I haven t had and what I didn tven know Ashtar Sheran: Your Future on Eden existedthen the bad news the book arrived and wowxtremely detailed and what the hell are the last 17 well this book VANISHED IN THE WOODS: Missing Children, Missing Hikers, Missing in National Parks. Supernatural Abductions. Monsters… explainedverything and that was it hooked is an understatement dose not xplain what I did so now after a lot of luck and hunting and lots of money I m afraid I own a full collection of 1977 1985 and its all thanks to this wonderful book did you know that the x wing has three variations two of which have #lights and sounds well this book has it all so my advise if your a fan # and sounds well this book has it all so my advise if your a fan is great if you like me a collector you cannot go wrong I m waiting for the the transformers one now MARK BELLOMO HAS DONE IT AGAIN This is the third book now he s done that has blown me away and captured all that I adore growing up into one guide First I picked up his Guide to GIJoe toys 1982 1994 and A Galaxyof Epic ToysWhen Star Wars landed in movie theaters in 1977 it became a popular cultural phenomenon and introduced the world to heroes like Luke Skywalker super villain Darth Vader Wookies Stormtroopers robots Jedi Knights space. You see in this book rgo it is in its own way self limiting in the amount or type of content I have seen a few reviews commenting on the lack of packaging or cardback photos I can attest that those boxes could nearly warrant a companion volume of their own never mind the space that kind of thing takes up in one s home a rabbit hole through which the space that kind of thing takes up in one s home a rabbit hole through which the truly brave should OVNIS : Comment Parler à Une Boule De Lumière ? ever consider venturing In short what you have here is a very complete guide to the actual toys themselves Collecting toys nearly as old as we are ohai 80 s kids is a labor of love and a great way to occupy some time Mr Bellomo reallyncompasses what it meas love and remember those cool toys and the good times we had with them as children I very much do recommend this guide as a must for the serious or casual collector and I will look forward to future offerings from Mr BellomoThank You CW I sold my old Star Wars toys some time ago too much of a pain to keep lugging them around from home to home and this book lets me reminisce about my favorite childhood possessions without actually having to possess them any longer Great photos and descriptions of Quand les géants dominaient sur Terre: La preuve de notre ADN extra-terrestre each toy Clearly a labor of love for the author and not a crass cash in on someonelse s nostalgia Well done Most books on Star Wars toys collectibles take on the daunting task of trying to list Les Fantômes de Trianon every single one of them andven difficult show them all in nice unopened packages Mr Bellomo has bucked the trend favoring instead to focus on one Au lendemain de Roswell: Contact extraterrestre era and show the toys in their opened state as most people are likely toncounter themGoing one step further many of the toys which have pieces parts like playsets have all of their parts shown helping collectors identify whether or not the opened toy they are considering buying or already own is truly complete or if it is missing piecesOther reviewers are wishing for in package photos for this title I personally have fifteen other titles on my bookshelf all with great photos of mint packaging However I have zero books that show in detail the complete collection of US release loose vintage toys with variations and pieces specifically photographedBravo to Mr Bellomo for choosing to not go with the of the same and giving collectors a book they don t already own The book nds in 1985 30 years collectors a book they don t already own The book nds in 1985 30 years and yet this the first time we ve seen the toys in this lightThis book has Passeport pour le cosmos - Transformation humaine et rencontres alien earned its place on any Star Wars collector s shelf of uality reference books Mostntries are character information with little than a few sentences about the figure itself I m a huge Star Wars fan and a collector That s why I bought this book I don t need a two page spread telling me IG 88 s backstory I want info about the figures I want than just a couple bulletpoints listing some variants I want the pictures which are captioned Notice the variances in xxxxxxx to actually be big Enfants de la matrice T.2 enough to SEE the variances in whatever is picturedThere s really not anything here that isn t available in the Sansweet books which were published long before this one. Efinitive reference to vintage action figures accessories creatures playsets and vehicles Written by nationally renowned toyxpert Mark Bellomo the book features current values on the secondary market and 600 beautiful color photographs.

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The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Star Wars Action Figures, 1977-1985

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