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Although for me not as "great as the Foundtainhead this Is Another Great Read On Ayn Rand It Might Sometimes " as the Foundtainhead this Is Another Great Read On Ayn Rand It Might Sometimes great read on Ayn Rand It might sometimes a bit too lengthy and slow but it is so well written that you also will pass by that parts easilyYes a lot is written about the author Ayn rand and about this book in particular All ind of people seem to have hijacked the book for their own purposes trying to label and politicise the book What a pity Read the book enjoy it Then have your own experiences views opinions This book should be among everyone s 100 books Ayn views opinions This book should be among everyone s 100 books Ayn who I personally think was not a very pleasant woman wrote it as a response to communism However some of the principles of the book could well apply today The idea behind the book is that people should be rewarded for their intellect especially those whi are able to design things for the betterment of mankind and these skills should not be donated for the greater good free of charge A modern reader will bauk at some of the precedents but the ideas put forward are interesting and thought provoking What would happen if the brains of the world went on strike I am not against a lengthy book but a self indulgent 1000 plus page manifesto in which characters give uninterrupted speeches that take four hours to read and serve no purpose other than to preach the author s philosophy is completely unnecessary The book did clearly demonstrate Ayn Rand s philosophy through the characters of John Galt Francisco D anconia and Ragnar D I didn t need the sililouies I loved the character of Danny Taggart who is portrayed as a woman ahead of her time considering the era in which this book was written Can t stand Hank Reardan who is supposed to be a hero but is just an arrogant if intelligent putzThe writing style The writing is clumsy The plot is nonsensical The characterization thin and unbelievable And interspersed are long boring sermons trying to promote a ludicrous pseudo philosophy which makes Scientology seem sensible Avoid As a novel it fails completely The characters are cardboard and the plot so heavily signposted you could probably skip nine I became aware of this book when I was in my teens finally read it when I was 30 My life would have been better if I had read it sooner Buy this for your ids make sure they read it then make sure they learn the right things from itAs literature this book is just OK hence the four stars Rand was not a native English speaker That she managed. Atlas Shrugged is the astounding story of a man who said that he would stop the motor of the world and did Treme. Atlas Shrugged

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To write this well in a second language is amazing I would "have written this book differently but I didn t write it Everything " written this book differently but I didn t write it Everything The Big Long Speech is necessary I suppose but ind of sophomoric definitely a B movie As science fiction the book is laughable but I suggest you cut the author some slack and go with it As an exposition of important ideas this book has no eual If you want to now what s wrong with the world you can start here It is important that you not end here Think of this book as a laxative Once you have ingested this you can work on restocking your mental gut with better food than our culture has given youSpeaking of speeches this book has lots of them I have a friend who says this is her favorite book but she also says she has never read the speeches Here s news for you if you haven t read the speeches you haven t read the book Knowing her I suspect that if she read the speeches it would no longer be her favorite book Atlas Shrugged is an assault upon your morals Some people are surprised to learn that Their Morals Deserved To Be morals deserved to be Some never get over the fact of the assault assuming the problem lies with the author and her infernal book No The problem lies with some very old and pervasive ideas that turn out to be senseless destructive murderous and just plain wrong Some of us sort of new that all along but thought we were the only ones who thought so It s a relief to see this out in the light of dayI believe the author s strategy is to make you tired The main character tries way too hard before capitulating allowing the author to write yet episodes illustrating the corrupt and coercive muck we wallow in the stuff you ve encountered all your life perhaps wondering if life really had to be this way No it doesn t The aforementioned Big Long Speech is one of the greatest things ever written But the author has to soften you up firstSome people read this and get strange This is probably to be expected after somebody hits the reset button on their morality It takes a while to figure out what to do next A few people never recover becoming something like Jesus Freaks Most readers eventually resettle their minds but in a different place than it would have been if they hadn t read this bookStill need a reason to read this book It will help you say No when No needs to be said It might even save your life Really Atlas Shrugged is one of those books that divides its readers The book. Ndous in scope breathtaking in its suspense Atlas Shrugged stretches the boundaries further than any book you ha. ,

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