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En the unbeaten teams Kainan High School vs Ryonan High School and the strategy that Ryonan develops in order to compete against Kainan HighIn previous volumes we know about Shohoku High School team captain Akagai s determination of wanting his team to make it into the championships but the problem is that although Sakuragi is an xcellent rebounder and really strong on defense if the game depends on his shooting Shohoku will not have a chance and they need to get him better immediately So Sakuragi undergoes intense training to become a best shooter but will he be prepared in the next matchupWhile Shohoku High School is the main team being in the next matchupWhile Shohoku High School Is The High School is the team being on in The Series Writer Takehiko Inoue Also Showcases series writer Takehiko Inoue also showcases competition between the other teams and in this case Shohoku s main rival Kainan High School as they take on the unexpected Ryonan High School Unexpected in the fact that their new player Fukuda who was once uite terrible is now one of the best offensivedefense players on their team and although Kainan High School is favored to be the better team to win the tournament Ryonan High School wants to show that they have the. They have one last year to make their captain's dream of reaching the finals come truewill they do itThanks to an impressive showing during a scrimmage between Shohoku's rookie and veteran players Coach Anzai decides to give Sakuragi a crack at playing center And though the game revea.

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Summary Slam Dunk, Vol. 16 (16)

Potential to be better than KainanWith That Being Said Reading that being said reading volume will go uickly because the illustration do take up a big part of the pages versus dialogue but if you appreciate basketball and Takehiko Inoue s work you know that this style works and the fficacy of competition of competitive high the fficacy of competition of competitive high basketball is captured amazingly wellHis illustrations have always been a highlight for me and I was always amazed of how he captured movements the offensive and defensive stances to how the players penetrate the perimeter and score He also doesn t step back when it comes to capturing the players during competition He fully includes detail of profuse sweating and the fatigue a player goes through from start to finishOverall Slam Dunk is an 208 nouvelles façons de rendre un homme fou de désir enjoyable manga series and if you are a basketball fan Slam Dunk is definitely recommended Must read and must haveI need this in your kindle This book came from a library but the stickersasily came off none of the pages are worn Great price Must own REFLEXOLOGIE even if you dont like basketball and if you do your gonna love itven The story is amazing ach character is flushed out. Ls several of Sakuragi's weaknesses it also highlights just how far his techniue has come in a very short amount of time With but three days until the game against rival school Takezato Sakuragi is placed on a new and grueling time With but three days until the game against rival school Takezato Sakuragi is placed on a new and grueling regimen he must make 500 shots ach and very day. .
 Slam Dunk, Vol. 16 (16)In Volume 16 of Slam Dunk it s tournament time and the story Continues After The Shohoku after the Shohoku Kainan High School match in which Shohoku nearly came back and the story continues after the Shohoku vs Kainan High School match in which Shohoku nearly came back beat the top seeded team but it all came down to Sakuragi free throw shot and the problem is Sakuragi has never been a good perimeter or free throw shooter and unfortunately it cost them the gameWith Sakuragi having lost confidence in his game Shohoku s basketball team captain Takenori Akagi has Sakuragi undergo a three day boot camp of intense training to improve his shootingMeanwhile with Kainan and Ryonan High School having won one game ach the two teams take on L'Amour au défi : Mieux comprendre sa vie affective et sexuelle each other But with so many people confident that Kainan High School has the better team Ryonan High School is about to unleash the new and improved Fukuda Does Ryonan High School have any chance of beating Kainan High SchoolJUDGMENT CALLIf you love basketball you will love Slam Dunk With the latest 16th volume of the popular basketball manga series this latest volume is broken up into two arcs One dealing with Sakuragi s training to become a better shooter and the second arc focusing on the matches betwe. The best selling series from Eisner nominated Takehiko Inoue one of Japans greatest manga creatorsWinning isn'tverything in the game of basketball but who wants to come in second It takes dedication and discipline to be the best and the Shohoku High hoops team wants to be just that.