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S a try1 Great art from the genius that #BROUGHT US VAGABOND2 VERY FUNNY LIKE I VE LAUGHED #us Vagabond2 Very funny like I ve laughed this than any other shonen manga3 Makes me hyped about basketball I m not even a fan of basketball4 Great story with loveable characters910 series about basketball I m not even a fan of basketball4 Great story with loveable characters910 series far Item arrived on time and as described Thanks Good stor. Moves that reuire a bitfinesse With the help of Haruka and some goading from captain Akagi Sakuragi attempts to put his pride n check and learn how to pull off a basic layup In theory t should be easybut sometimes the simplest shots are the toughest to mast. Slam Dunk, Vol. 3

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Slam Dunk um mang adolescente genial onde o basuete o mote para se falar de amizade uni o paix o pelo esporte e muito humor Personagens nesuec veis Recomendo muito Perfect A hist ria e tima
mas meu ponto 
meu ponto vai para a o manga veio companhias sujas e algumas ate rasgadas sso um absurdo I m So. The Best Selling Series From The best selling series from nominated Takehiko Inoue one of Japans greatest manga creatorsWinning Oedipe le maudit isn't everythingn the game of basketball but who wants to come n second It takes dedication and discipline to be the best and the Shohoku High hoops te. Glad I bought volumes 1 3 THE START AND LATER AFTER start and later after these 4 6 This s a REALLY good series I d been reluctant to try La petite poule rousse it for a while becauset s a sports manga and about basket ball but after reading some Kuroko no Basuke TeppuAMAZING SERIES sports mangas online I just had to cave and give thi. Am wants to be just that They have one last year to make their captain's dream of reaching the finals come truewill they do Zeus à la conquête de l'Olympe - Histoires noires de la Mythologie - Dès 12 ans (20) itFor a self proclaimed genius such as Sakuragi executing a dazzling slam dunks no problem at all but what about some other basketball. ,

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