[E–pub] Sid Meier's Memoir!: A Life in Computer Games

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Etats modifiés de conscience: nde, obe et autres expériences aux frontières de l'esprit eHas always been like that I suspect I remember talking to him at several conventions many years ago and he wasngaging and humble then too I was writing articles for a number of computer magazines at the time and had also published several games none that anyone would know and it was with trepidation I approached the legend ven back then only to find him fun to talk to and knowledgeable about the game world in general This book reflects that story as well as the journey he took through MicroProse and Firaxis and the great games he produced along the way In

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s 100 game development studio world it also fun to remember when one developer and maybe another one fun remember when one developer and maybe another one two people could write a fun game And that s what gaming is all about as Sid reminds us many times in Memoirit s the fun that matters This book is fun If you re into gaming or were this is a trip down memory lane A nice trip Delivered as xpected Great ualit. Classics like Pirates and Railroad Tycoon to Civilization and beyondArticulating his philosophy that a videogame should be a series of interesting decisions Meier also shares his perspective on the history of the industry the psychology of gamers and fascinating insights into the creative process including his ten rules of good game desi. Very interesting book for a niche audience ngaged with Sid
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s iconic and wants to know about the life story of their games and wants to know about the life story of their The content of this book is very good although a lot lighter on detail than I was xpecting Its uite a fast pace trip through Sids life via his gamesI vemm marked it down a star because the page setting is awful For an book that costs over 10 it appears no thought has gone into how it looks on screen Very disappointing and i Although I njoyed reading this book it didn t really deliver I was introduced and played the late 90s arly 00s games made by Sid Meier and I love those games and I still play them till this day I was hopping to get on them but it seems like he jumps over them in between a lengthy introduction and throwback to the times before the internet and his Civ series and after his Civ 5 and the push to the Arcady style of 6 The three games which I adore and bought this book to The life and career of the legendary developer celebrated as the godfather of computer gaming and creator of CivilizationOver his four decade career Sid Meier has produced some of the world's most popular video games including Sid Meier's Civilization which has soldthan 51 million units worldwide and accumulatedthan one billion hours of ,

Ead about Civ 3 and 4 as well as Alpha Centaury are simply brushed past and it s a shame Fantastic description simply brushed past and it s a shame Fantastic description the arly days of computer game development particularly around the massively popular Civilization series My son gives this a 910 Une figure du jeu vid o le livre se lit bien le r cit Réveillez le chaman qui est en vous est captivant Sid Meier s name is legend to many of us who grew up playing his games I wasn t sure what toxpect from Memoir but my Ecoutez ce que les dEfunts nous disent - Messages reçus de l'après-vie enjoyment of the bookxceeded what I thought I would xperience The book s laid out in chronological order detailing the games he worked on year by
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and the circumstances There s small deviations in the book around the culture of gaming development marketing and a lot but the book never gets preachy or boring Nor to Sid s credit is this a here s my life ain t I great story There s an underlying humility throughout the book that reflects a man having fun doing what he loves to doBut Sid. Lay Sid Meier's Memoir is the story of an obsessive young computer nthusiast who helped launch a multi million pound industry Writing with warmth and ironic humour Meier describes the genesis of his influential studio MicroProse founded in 1982 after a trip to a Las Vegas arcade and recounts the development of landmark games from vintage. Sid Meier's Memoir!: A Life in Computer Games