(Lire) BaPar Girl Pink & Grey ScrapLivre Paper (12) 8x8 Inch Double Sided ScrapLivreing Pages: Crafters Delight Par Leska Hamaty

Otos It looks like whatever Printer Was Used To Make was used to make sheets were running out of ink The colors are not vibrant at allDefinitely not worth the price Skip this product for sure Colours are pretty but uality of paper is poorlike printer papervery disappointe. Designer paperContains 12 8x8 inch double sided Scrapbook PaperUses Scrapbooking paperUses Decoupage & Invitations Origami & Crafting project.

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But maybe I should have Read The Description In the description in printing uality is terrible Though ou can t tell from the photos the grey looks like mix of sea foam green and smoky blue The pink looks like salmon There are streaks on the pages as ou can see on the ph. Ojects Each page is double sided meaning that each design is printed on both sides of the paperFeatures• Made in the USA• Premium & uniue. ,

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I ordered this product for My Daughter S Scrapbook That I M daughter s scrapbook that I m on I liked the designs and color pallete shown on the description but upon receiving the product I was disappointedThe paper is not thick at all I guess I was hoping for Cardstock Uality Paper. Premium uality paper. Premium Scrapbook Papers Baby Girl Pink & Grey Scrapbook Paper Collection Is Provided In Pink & Grey Scrapbook Paper collection is provided in printed book style for our crafting pr.  Baby Girl Pink & Grey Scrapbook Paper (12) 8x8 Inch Double Sided Scrapbooking Pages: Crafters Delight By Leska Hamaty

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