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The Self Does Not Die: Verified Paranormal Phenomena from Near-Death Experiences Kindle EditionEl Yo No Muere: Fenómenos Paranormales Verificados durante Experiencias Cercanas a la Muerte (Spanish Edition) Kindle Edition

A serious and well researched book with lots of examples presented to support the authors assertions There s a lot to read and take in and sometimes it can be a bit tedious to work through some of the text I m not sure that I m completely convinced that the authors have cracked it but as part of a general reading programme this book will provide a good source of information and context This is an excellent uite factual and therefore slightly dry study of the evidence for as the sub title says verified paranormal phenomena from near death experiences The evidence is well presented and clear cut and indeed overwhelming and in this the book fulfils its aims very well However of course as the authors acknowledge some book fulfils its aims very well However of course as the authors acknowledge some are never going to be convinced as a matter of a religious faith in a material or purely physical world The evidence here is fascinating and undeniable As the book concentrates on slightly dry evidence it is not perhaps the starting point I would recommend for a first look at the issues unless the reader is used to such an approach Kenneth Ring s Lessons from the Light or the work of Raymond Moody are easier starting points or wishes to make sure the facts presented are absolutely as unambiguous as possible as they are here Anyone interested in Near Death Experiences should read this book The authors report on than one hundred verified NDEs Included are well nown cases such as that of Pam Reynolds The authors go to great length to counter arguments that Pam was in fact conscious during her brain surgery and so was able to accurately describe the procedure In any case the sheer weight of the number of verified cases makes clear that human beings have a separate system which can perceive and recall events in our everyday world and perhaps other worlds even when the brain and the body are declared dead The authors do not try to explain how such another system originates or how it works or interacts with the bodily system They limit their task to presenting the evidence for such a system There are those who will continue to deny the evidence for this other system as being unscientific The real task for the scientific community is to consider ways of conceptualizing and measuring attributes of this other system One of the hallmarks of scientific procedure is to follow account for the data In the early 1980s I was managing the day to day service operations for a commercial industrial air conditioning company I sent a tech to work on a 440 volt roof top unit where he received a massive electrical shock which almost took his life While recovering in the hospital he told me about his out of body experience seeing his body lying on the roof He somehow realized it wasn t his time to die returned to "his body and began the long arduous process of recovery I hadn "body and began the long arduous process of recovery I hadn heard of NDEs before this but I new his experience was something remarkableFast forward to 2002 when I began uestioning my childhood religious beliefs I read Raymond Moody s book Life After Life where he coined the phrase near death experience I thought back to that technician s experience and considered maybe NDEs would be a good place to start finding contemporary evidence not proof that might help me reshape My Spiritual Not Religious spiritual not religious Since reading that book I ve spent the intervening years studying the breadth of reality through reading books talking with individuals and curating my own transformative experiencesEvery individual has his or her own uniue perspective on the big uestions of who we really are and whether there is a God or whatever name you care to use This perspective is shaped by a variety of influences from our culture religion and personal experience The weighting of these influences in shaping individual beliefs varies considerablyIf you have a curiosity about the big uestions in life and are willing to expose yourself to contemporary information that might help reshape your thinking this book provides some information that might be a good starting point The anecdotes indicate we are than physical beings and that something may await our consciousness after death If one comes to that conclusion a plethora of investigative options become interesting opportunities to build a broader awareness Essential reading for anyone with a genuine interest in near Death Experiences First published in the Netherlands the English language edition appeared due to the support of the international association for Near Death Studies IANDS This book is as the Forward states a valuable catalog of important cases of paranormal phenomena from NDEs that have been investigated confirmed and documented by researchers over the years To call it valuable is actually an understatement this is an immensely valuable contribution to the growing body of evidence that materialist reductionism must surely be replaced by a wider view of the universe that does not dismiss the fundamental importance of human consciousness Literally millions of people alive today have reported clear lucid consciousness and thought including often accurate perception of the surrounding environment occurring during periods of time in which there is every medical reason to believe that their brains were either severely impaired or entirely non functioning These so called near death experiences NDEs have been studied under rigorous conditions by cardiologis. Are near death experiences NDEs just elaborate hallucinations produced by a dying brain Or the exuberant fantasies of attention seeking narcissists As the accounts in this book abundantly demonstrate NeitherThis book contains over 100 reliable often firsthand accounts of perceptions during NDEs that were later verified as accurate by independent sources These near death experiencers were everyday people from all over the world many of whom were clinically dead unable to see or hear and yet able to perceive new vistas of a world bey.  The Self Does Not Die: Verified Paranormal Phenomena from Near-Death Experiences

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E journal which can be read online at the IANDS websiteIn response to this outrage Worelee posted a sarcastic two star review of my own book on NDEs I replied once and let the matter drop However this review led to a phenomenal online debate on com between Woerlee and the authors of this book Rivas Smit and others Currently there over 1000 posts It can be found hereOne of the authors of this book has told me that The Self Does not Die grew in part directly out of these exchanges with Woerlee Some of these exchanges are mentioned in the book and here is one from Woerlee in which he makes his motives crystal clear As regards my attitude toward religion my opinions are very simple Some might criticize this but this website and the book reveal that the basis of most religious beliefs is NDEs OBEs and other apparently paranormal phenomena Combine this with interpretations from these illogical and very evil holy books and you have religions January 26 2011In response Rudolf Smit commented on the same blog From these statements above one can deduce that Woerlee is not primarily motivated by science ie the unbiased desire to now but at least eually so by his revulsion against religions which as he sees it are the source of all evil in this world And then uite logically it follows that NDEs are the cause of these evils Conseuently Worelee is not interested in the real nature of the NDE no he uses his own brand of science to explain the NDE away even if he has to twist the facts to achieve that goal page 294 of The Self does Not DieChris CarterAuthor of Science and the Near Death Experience I have to say that this compilation of NDEs with veridical perceptions is best book on this subject I ve come across The information in this book is incredible and I applaud the authors and editors for what must have been painstaking work putting this together and ironing out the details The only thing wrong is that a book like this should ve been published long ago This book focuses directly on veridical perceptions omitting the spiritually rich content that usually accompanies the full NDE In my opinion it s a slam dunk against materialism The phenomenon of near death experience has now been the subject of popular interest for nearly half a century and descriptions of cases appear in an ever growing number of collections and individual volumes The interest is not surprising but it also means that the most impressive sounding and famous cases are reuoted in a variety of contexts together with reports that may well be accurate but have not been corroborated or examined by relevant professionals This makes it difficult for a non expert to assess just how robust is the actual evidence on which the claims are based Things get even confusing when one lacks medical nowledge and is presented with ever so simple medical explanations that seem to do away with the subject altogetherThis book is an important step in helping to resolve these issues in Two Waysfirstly The Cases It waysfirstly the cases it including the most familiar ones are re examined by going to the original sources and their corroborative evidence secondly the authors ask and get comprehensible answers to the probing medical uestions that if not answered leave the layperson uneuipped to deal with contradictory claimsAll this information is presented in terms that are accessible to a non specialist What then emerges points to individual consciousness being active in places and at times when according to the current mainstream model it should not exist at all I hope the authors go on to provide high uality material for thinking about one of life s big uestions The authors of this book where possible personally revisited the primary sources or participants for many cases that have been documented elsewhere and published those they could verify as credible The book also has many pages devoted to answering the most salient objections raised by famous skeptics I found it interesting though written in a somewhat dry and at times tedious manner The main idea is that to become entrenched in ignoring the plethora of testimonials and personal experiences is just as entrenched in ignoring the plethora testimonials and personal experiences is just as anti and fanatical as it would be to insist that anyone accept a religious dogma with no evidence I do not think it will change anybody s mind on the subject one way or the other but it does give those who eep an open mind a lot to marvel at and ponder about Perhaps that is the most readers can expect from a topic like this When I started The Self Does Not Die I wasn t too excited about the prospect of reading yet another book about NDEs But this one proved to be different from most other books of this type It is never sensationalistic or overheated the authors carefully consider the strengths and weaknesses of the various cases ranking each according to how well documented and authenticated it is The collection of professionally researched cases is the most comprehensive I ve seen The overall tone is serious even a little dry an approach I like much better than the carnival barker style of some popular accountsThe sheer number of cases and the obvious efforts that have been made to substantiate the patients stories add up to a powerful argument for the significance of NDEs not as the hallucinations of a traumatized brain but as ontologically real events Readers who are serious about the scientific study analy. Iac arrest and other cases the authors conclude that there are good reasons to assume that our consciousness does not always coincide with the functioning of our brain Enhanced consciousness can sometimes be experienced separately from the bodyThis book is a must read for anyone wanting to now about this fascinating subject with its implications about the very nature of human consciousness and its survival of physical death It has the potential to radically change the currently still widely accepted materialist paradigm in science. Ts around the world and the results have been published in scientific journals including prestigious medical journals such as The Lancet Resuscitation and the Journal of prestigious medical journals such as The Lancet Resuscitation and the Journal of Royal Society of MedicineSeveral of the very best cases are described in detail in this excellent bookThere is no self contradiction in the statement that the mind can exist without a functioning brain hence it is at least a logical possibility and the only way to decide if it is actually true is by a careful examination of the data This book provides that careful examinationThe authors as well as many respected physicians brain surgeons neuroscientists and philosophers have concluded that these experiences provide solid evidence that normal even enhanced consciousness can exist in the absence of a properly functioning brain Their conclusion is the NDE is exactly what it appears to be a genuine separation of mind from body during the early stages of biological deathHowever a small yet vocal minority of scientists and physicians deny this conclusionIf this were almost any other field physicians deny this conclusionIf this were almost any other field inuiry the controversy would have been settled by the data decades agoHowever the study of near death experiences NDEs is not like any other field of inuiry The data of NDEs challenge deeply held worldviews worldviews that are concerned not only with science but also with religious and philosophical issues As such the evidence arouses strong passions and for many a strong desire to dismiss itIt is impossible to fully understand this controversy without realizing that it has a strong ideological component Most of the so called skeptics are militant atheists with a strong hidden agenda of promoting the ideology of materialism the doctrine that everything including life and mind can be explained by the interaction of particles of matter and force fields The data of NDEs indicate that the mind can exist without a functioning brain which strongly refutes materialismRefusing to accept data that falsifies a scientific theory turns it into an ideology a belief held as an article of faith held despite evidence that it is not correct And there seems to be a growing realization that ideological factors play a crucial role in several scientific controversies Philosopher Tyler Burge 1993 has argued that the naturalistic view of the world is like a political or religious ideology than like a position supported by evidence and that materialism is an article of faith More to the current point neuroscientist Mario Beauregard in his book The Spiritual Brain has written Materialists have conducted a running war against psi and NDE research for decades because any evidence of psi s validity no matter how minor is fatal to their ideological system Recently for example self professed skeptics have attacked atheist neuroscience grad student Sam Harris for having proposed in his book titled The End of Faith 2004 that psi research has validity Harris is only following the evidence But in doing so he is clearly violating an important tenet of materialism materialist ideology trumps evidence The thinking of militant atheists is for the most part based on the materialism implied by classical physics which has been nown to be fundamentally incorrect for over a century And materialism simply cannot accommodate the reality of NDE and psi phenomena If materialism is proven false by the data for the NDE and for psi then one of the foundations of their opposition to religion is thereby removedIn short the deniers and debunkers tend to be militant atheists who are motivated by allegiance to an obsolete worldview by ignorance of the implications of the new physics and by a hatred of religion If they admitted to the reality of psychic abilities such as telepathy and of near death experiences as involving a genuine separation of mind from body then the materialistic foundation of their worldview would crumble Hence their vehement denial of any evidence for the existence of the NDE as involving a genuine separation of mind from body Many skeptics are fond of pointing out various atrocities which have made a mockery of religious belief such as the occasional persecution of witches and heretics in medieval timesBut we can just as easily find examples of atrocities committed in the name of ideology which I define as a faith based belief system that motivates a social agenda Consider the misery inflected upon millions in the twentieth century by the ideologies of fascism and communism Turning from one faith based belief system to another is unlikely to solve the problem of fanaticismThe NDE debunker who figures most prominently in this book is militant atheist Gerald Woerlee an anesthesiologist currently practicing in the Netherlands He is the most vocal and the most medically nowledgeable of the NDE skeptics Woerlee has made it his personal crusade to debunk NDEs as he realizes correctly that any evidence for the validity of NDEs is fatal to his ideological system Rivas Dirven and Smit take on Woerlee s arguments directly and convincingly refute them with logic evidence and the testimony of neurosurgeons and cardiologists directly involved with NDE cases and researchA Little HistoryIn 2001 Worelee published an article in the Journal of Near Death Studies JNDS vol 30 Number 1 Fall 2011 which attempted to debunk the famous Pam Reynolds case I responded to Woerlee s article in the sam. Ond the senses and even beyond death The Self Does Not Die is a trailblazing effort to present the most confirmed cases of consciousness beyond death ever compiled In these cases the authors have gone back to the original sources the people involved in each case whenever possible rather than relying on secondhand sources In so doing they have assembled a uniue collection of empirical data that any scholar worthy of the name must take into accountBy carefully studying and describing many convincing and corroborated cases during card.
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