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He self Carrying hatreds What s the use I find that analysis to be deeply offensive not only to cancer patients and cancer survivors but to their FAMILIES AND CARETAKERS AND SUPPORT SYSTEMS and caretakers and support systems dare she This book is a complete oad of crap Also interesting note I was able to return it for a full refund it for a full refund with shipping paid for by abeling it as defective Do Yourself A Favor And Look Elsewhere For Positivity And yourself a favor and ook elsewhere for positivity and reform The most offensive book ever I am not easily offended but she has Dans la peau d'un chien listed most diseases and the probable reasons behind them Cystic Fibr You can heal yourife title itself said about I highly recommend this book to anyone who is down or maybe ostIt is very easy to read and precised and you may not have to agree with everything she suggest but this BOOK DEFINITELY COULD HELP ONE THINK IN A POSITIVE definitely could help one think in a positive and it also teach one to take responsibility of our own act iving as from today and not constantly Be the Pack Leader looking at the negative past while going through chemo and the all the other side effects this book kept me sane Took a while to get here but worth the wait It does heal yourife or at L'EDUCATION DE L'AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER: Toutes les astuces pour un American Staffordshire Terrier bien éduqué least helps you on the journey Not suitable for UK market Very AmericanReleasing resentment will dissolve even cancerClaims you personally choose your parents before you are conceived This book is not for me. Ncluded is responsible for everything in ourives the best and the worst Every thought we think is creating our future Each one of us creates our experiences by our thoughts and our feelings The thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experiences.  You Can Heal Your LifeI wish I had known about this text years ago A great guide to help you retrain your brain to recognise the positives in ife no matter what challenges you experience An insight int After reading 4 chapters I was scared to carry on reading because it opened my eye and showed me how I was actually not appreciating myself and my existence However ended up reading it all and trying to preform the exercises inside it for a better me

#I Ll Definitely Recommend #
ll definitely recommend So glad I purchased this book I ve not read any of Louise Hays work before It s helped me to establish affirmation work and I ve been using them daily for a couple of weeks I have had a few breaks since Call it coincidence or the power of high vibrations who know eh I found the book best read in chapters slowly with some journaling alongside for deeper thinking I feel I will need to read it a second time I Like Her No Nonesnese Approach And Brutal Honesty Real like her no nonesnese approach and brutal honesty Real case study examples add substance to Louise s theories RIP Mon chien a peur : Mieux le comprendre et l'apaiser au quotidien lady youregacy continues and thank you for helping so many people including me I regret buying this book it is a waste of money and should be burnt Couldn t even finish the first chapter it was very upsetting It took great strength not to throw it out the window but I miss the return window and can t return it More time should be give to return items Louise L Hay bestselling author is an internationally known eader in the self help field Her key message is If we are willing to do the mental work almost anything can be healed The author has a great deal of experience and firsthand information to share abo.

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Specially when it is a present I BOUGHT THIS BOOK ON A bought this book on a of a friend thinking I would ike to create a positive attitude from within myself But after perusing the contents and as a nurse I find this book to be completely without scientific merit shaming preposterous and possibly even dangerous and damaging to someone naive enough to take it as fact For example author states that the reason for senility in The Elderly Is Returning To The So elderly is Returning to the so safety of childhood Demanding care and attention A form of control of those around you Escapism And Alzheimer s is caused by A refusal to deal with the world as it is Hopelessness and helplessness Anger A diagnosis of either of these problems is devastating both to the individual and to their families But blaming the individual for a problem most people wouldn t wish on their worse enemy in such a way not only places a big steaming pile of guilt on the patient it could also create a family dynamic that is non supportive and possibly even dangerous Abuse of the elderly with such diseases is a very real problem in some families Imagine if caretakers truly believed the only reason Mom has senility or Alzheimer s is because of the above reasonsOr suppose you are diagnosed with cancer Well that s because of Deep hurt Longstanding resentment Deep secret or grief eating away at Ut healing including how she cured herself after being diagnosed with cancer An excerpt from You Can Heal Your Life Life Is Really Very Simple What We Give Out We Get Back What we think about ourselves becomes the truth for us I believe that everyone myself .

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