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A barbed wire fence which he would contemplate for hours and which came to him to signify growth in the midst of misery and destruction of human dignity a symbol of rebirth and life Hermann never forgot the green leaves of the little treethe secret of the profound connection between life and death became a well of strength in him never to be lost Erika Haind 261So that explains the constant throat achingly small and keenly beautiful glimmer of hope that runs through this pain infused deckThere is another theme in the deck a sort of environmental message We can describe the central theme the haindl the Haindl as the renewal of the Earth just the material resources but the spiritual Earth 13 We can summarize these themes simply as a return to the ancient wisdom and respect for nature a need to renew the Earth as well as to restore the female principle to its true place in daily life in society and in the cosmos 26 In the absence of harmonious balance our nations will not stop destroying each other in war Our food the air we breathe and the earth itself will be further poisoned by a society moving away from balance Erika Haindl 264So wh Very in depth tarot deck Not for the beginner If you want to expand your knowledge and se of various tarots then you will like this deck Major disappointment The colors are very poorly inked You can hardly see any details on the cards The card stock is very flimsy on a thin paper Also very sad and very depressing this deck is The borders have this gly gray color on them I just couldn t connect with this deck I personally think it s a fake made deck nothing is true about this deck It s nothing "like the original one made i returned it "the original one made I returned it disappointment the cards do not in any way whatsoever evoke the alityfeeling they were designed to represent As for the artwork itself less than mediocre but the real issue once again they do not inspire the truth behind the card meanings imho think whatever you want but see a deck before purchasing I sure will form now on Lovely illustrations Great buy I like everything about this deck except the card stock which I think is thin and flimsy But the images references to I ching ru. Rience living with Native Americans to create a deck that is col. Very interesting set of cards with a lot of random swirls and patterns almost like scrying when Geology: A Very Short Introduction using these A beautiful deckite thick cardstock very painterly ethereal images I have a complicated relationship with the Haindl I guess a lot of s do I really admire the deck but I find I can t work with it much because for me the imagery is just so poignant The cards are just throat achingly rife with an emotion that I find hard to name There is so much there Decay regret the sense of an endingbut also beauty a there Decay regret the sense of an endingbut also beauty a of the eternal and "Even Glimmers Of Hope But Just GlimmersI "glimmers of hope But just glimmersI the thing that gets to me in this deck is the deep sense of how temporary humanity is how fragile How delicate we are in our emotions our spirituality and our bodies This is represented through the four suits and the court cards Haindl ses Egyptian mythology in the suit of Swords Native American in the suit of Stones Coins Western Europe in the suit of Cups and Hindu gods and goddesses in the Wands So in the courts I see reflected the attempts of humanity to make sense of ourselves and our place in the Stratigraphie et paléogéographie, du précambrien à l'ère paléozoïque universe and in relation to each other and our worldThe pip cards show the fragility and frailty of human daily life set against a backdrop of sky rock and sea those elements of the earth that seem tos to be so longlastingThen there are the majors Haindl s own vision of the traditional meanings shining through in his Gemmes, pierres, métaux, substances utiles: Florilège, de l'Antiquité aux Temps modernes (Sciences - Gemmologie) uniue andnsettling style I think nsettling may be the word I ve been looking forI haven t even mentioned the backs of the cards which for some people are so intense as to put them off the deck entirely A staring lashless eye with a sty The perfect expression really of beauty deck entirely A staring lashless eye with a sty The perfect expression really of beauty by side with suffering and the feeling of this deck of looking at both suarely and without self deceptionAnyone who picks p this deck and has a flick through can immediately sense the suffering and pain that runs throughout it Haindl s world view seems to have been shaped early by his experience as a prisoner of war in Russia for four years from age 17 to 21 Surrounded by death and grim physical indignity Haindl found symbolic meaning in a small birch sapling growing Soil Microbiology, Ecology and Biochemistry up through. Haindl drawspon his knowledge of ancient cultures and his expe.
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Nes horoscope kabbalah are glorious I find this deck really easy and accurate to read with I d recommend it for anyone with a good An Agricultural Testament understanding of other systems of divination archetypes Also good for people who don tite connect with Rider Waite but it s not for beginners The images are dreamy ethereal mystical They speak to you in a deeper level I collect Tarot Decks of many types and some of them become favorite from the very first moment I touch themI read with them depending on how I feel the erent s emotional stateThe Haindl Tarot Deck is for these very special ocassions when I need deeper answers beyond the superficial expected answers so I wouldn t recommend this deck for Beginners on the matterThe cards are thicker and bit larger than other
decks but even 
but even size is perfect The LWB that comes with it gives brief details of the meaning of the cards however there are many books that can help you to get familiar with this cards and the meaningsI am very pleased with my New Haindl Deck And I guess you d be too This deck is perfect for someone interested in a cross between the traditional RW and Aleister Crowley s Thoth The Majors are RW while the Minors have a pip Thoth influence The art is all beautiful though while the Minors have a pip Thoth influence The art is all beautiful though backs are non reversibleThe cardstock is thin and bends v e r y easily Keeping the deck in its sturdy little box is the best idea when you re not sing itThe LWB it comes with is lovely giving simple divinatory meanings pright and reversed along with an insightful look at the art in every cardI love this deck so much I can t recommend it enough to a reader looking for something different These cards "ARE BOTH BEAUTIFUL AND STURDY I "both beautiful and sturdy I had my deck for almost 8 years now and they are still in amazing condition Colors are still there no peeling and after being shuffled hundreds of times there s no major wear and tear I really love most of the images in this deck The major arcana are so poorly inked that it is hard to make out the picture There is poor contrast and resolution The Minor arcana are much stronger in tone and color The image is as important as the meaning The poor graphics don t do the pictures justice I returned my deck. Orful and penetrating study in humility and reverence for nature.

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