PDF/ELivre [Priestess: Ancient Spiritual Wisdom for Modern Sacred Women]

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hoping and religious instead of spiritual What a gorgeous nchanted offering this is from Priestess Julie Parker If you ve ver felt called to the priestess path you should definitely pick up this book After finishing it called to the priestess path you should definitely pick up this book After finishing it feel renewed purposeful and I ve now finished it 3 times over A classic One of new favorite books The content is refreshing and beautifu. This beautiful and sacred book calls upon the ancient wisdom of women leaders of the past to show how their magic and spiritual practices can ignite and initiate priestesses today as they mbrace their soul gifts as the guides coaches teachers mystics life seekers and sacred leaders they truly areNo matter whether you identify AS A PRIESTESS NOW ARE EXCITINGLY a priestess now are xcitingly your possibilities as one or are sim.
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my own and Celtic roots and discovered new goddesses to further research and connect to Thank you Julie for writing about many of the Goddess aspects I ve been searching around all over for It s such a delight to have your wise guidance and all this information contained in one beatufluil book My friend really recommends this book. U on a journey of self love and spiritual guidance as she shares her own path to becoming a priestess and her deep desire to see women fully reclaim Their Place As The place as the leaders the world needs most right nowA sacred leader lives within you Priestess is your loving call to heart fuelled action to step into the world as one where the magic only your sacred leadership can bring to us all can be known.

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Priestess: Ancient Spiritual Wisdom for Modern Sacred WomenLly written It felt like having a *one on one conversation with Julie Parker I ve become a huge fan of her and *on one conversation with Julie Parker I ve become a huge fan of her and Priestess Podcast This book has something for anyone woman who is xploring her priestess path I ll be reaching for it again and again I loved Julie Parker s book Priestess She covers the sacred leadership available to all women should they choose the path and responsibilities. Ply curious about your calling in life as a spiritual being Priestess will inspire you to fall deeply in love with your own healing path the Goddess your cyclic nature and beauty Mother Earth true sisterhood and your infinite capacity to meaningfully touch the lives Of Those Around You Award Winning Sacred those around you Award winning sacred leader coach speaker podcaster temple space holder and priestess Julie Parker accompanies yo.

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