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He audiobook of Business The Speed of Thought to get through the content and buy the hard copy which is useful for referencing certain to get through the content and buy the hard copy which is useful for referencing certain especially the diagnostic sections ending each chapter and the appendixDon t pass up an opportunity to earn from someone who has achieved so much In fifteen months we will reach Bill Gates proposed milestone 10 years of an era where information velocity and our ability to deal with it at The speed of thought will make or break any business The tech bubble crash has certainly dampened the progress but the book is nonetheless undeniably relevant arguably even so in today s fast paced world Companies SUCH AS WAL MART MARK SPENCER as Wal Mart Mark Spencer and many others are prime examples of Fruits lessons wellearned Don t be eft in the dust build your own digital nervous system before it is too ate I found this book hard work and ost interest Tried to give it to a friend and he didn t seem to be impressed either This book was great It gives IT staff a window into how management works This is a blueprint for the C suite to fully intergrate the CIO and the IT team IT isn t 21st bluegray collar workforce Business is one mantra for IT IT must align to the needs of the business they serve is a blueprint using this book the C suite could implement a BYOTBYOD polices and cloup computing with compromising control and securityWith the edition of tablet computing and mobile communicationand unified commuication ability theis book can be a guide to implement these new devices The problem with tablets is how do you grow a wi fi enviroment and make sure its securea possible solution would be to use a disposable token system that would expire in a specified period of time Bill Gate s book reveals at the speed of thought the true nature of business operations in this day and age Besides being a business game changer this book is a must read for all current and future business eaders and entrepreneurs Bill Gates Good rea. T as a strategic asset and offers detailed examples from Microsoft GM Dell and many other successful companies Companion Web site. Un chef dans ma cuisine avec Thermomix: 9 chefs revisitent les meilleures recette Thermomix ! leaders Bill Gates value per hour is too high for idle commentary on tech trends rather he focuses on WHY those trends matter from the businesseader s perspective and HOW to get dominance in your industry with information flow as your competitive edgeBill Gates focus in Business The Speed of Thought is teaching us HOW TO BUILD A DIGITAL NERVOUS to build a digital nervous a real time and complete information flow Gates is famous for valuing information smarts where the only statements allowed in a discussion are based on actionable facts going nowhere drivel has no place in Microsoft meetings and now at his Bill and Melinda Gates FoundationHere are Bill Gates steps to building a digital nervous system which is at the heart of the success of Microsoft and the Foundation1 Think hard and write down What facts are actionable for my company2 What are uestions to which the answers change my company s actions3 Build an information system that answers these uestions4 If my current business information system does not answer these uestions build one that doesThe book in detail always with data and examples to back each statement goes into how to build this information system and why Each chapter ends with Business Lessons a summary of chapter key points and Diagnosing Your Digital Nervous System a set of uestions for improving your information system The Diagnosing Your Digital Nervous System uestions alone are worth picking up the bookI found the book dense with facts and examples relevant at Secrets de cuisiniers least as much now in 2013 if not so than when the book was written in 1998 I recommend youisten to Ll transform the nature of business in the near future Gates stresses the need for managers to view technology not as overhead bu.

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This book s intended audience is managers who are interested in how #Computers And Networks Can #and networks can business processes This book is Not A Microsoft Infomercial Instead a Microsoft infomercial Instead poses uestions for managers to think about Here are some examples 1 Do you have the information flow that enables managers to get the data they need to make decisions 2 Can employees get access to important data on a daily basis 3 Make a 5 ingredients: rapide facile list of the most actionable uestions about your business Does your information system have the data to answer them and the means to distribute it 4 Do your systemset you work seamlessly with professionals such as awyers and Accountants Who Are Outside The who are outside the walls The book also offers helpful platform agnostic insights This is an intelligently and clearly written book I included 25 30 uotations from it in my PowerPoint slide decks for undergraduate business and IT classes Although Bill Gates continues to have his haters his book Business the Speed of Thought is in hindsight still relevant His predictions are on target The internet really has revolutionized how we do EVERYTHING Increasingly the business community the private and the public sectors rely on the internet for business traffic Like him or not he knows what he s talking about And his book offers some interesting insights for business owners business managers and anyone else ooking to make substantial changes andor improvements to their existing business models Definitely a keeper Great book and a great man there s so much you can earn not only as a businessman but also as a person from reading his books Was a Gift my husband enjoyed Written nearly 15 years ago Bill gates takes a stab at the evolution of society in the face of the internet Looking back 15 years it is amazing that Gates go so many things right His absolutely amazing foresight provided a close enough view of the impacts of the internet to think that the book could be a modern writing The style. In his new book Microsoft chairman and CEO Bill Gates discusses how technology can help run businesses better today and how it wi.  Business @ the Speed of Thought: Succeeding in the Digital Economy