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Re me Given that I was not yet born during the early twentieth century I took for granted the accuracy of uite a bit of Ken Follett s world view while I was reading his books I knew there were atrocities committed against the working class in the UK and America during the early periods of the books so I assumed much of his research to be correct I have always been very open to the so I assumed much of his research to be correct I have always been very open to the that different political parties owed their necessity to the time and place in which they were neededUnfortunately by the time I had read most of the third book I realized Follett "was an extremist in his socialist political beliefs "an extremist in his socialist political beliefs with regard to American politics I am an Independent and I hate reading anything so far left and so far right when it hate reading anything so far left and so far right when it no basis for reality I would rather see both the warts and the dimples rather than be told a fairy tale of half truths His viewpoint is very singular in his condemnation for all things Republican and nothing but praise for all Democrats even to the extent that he gives Pope John Paul II s great success in Poland to President Carterutterly ridiculous Follett praises by intimating Carter s dealings with the communists was cautious yet Reagan was supposed to take on the Kremlin during the Solidarity movement perfectly exhibits the bias in his writingAs I was reading the book I reflected that all of the Follett books I had ever read prior to the Century Trilogy were period pieces from a time I had not lived however Edge of Eternity covered a place in time I know very well His revisionism of modern times has left me bereft of any pleasure for reading the first two books If I can t trust his completely biased viewpoint of modern history than how can I trust any of his research Unless you want to read a socialist manifesto concealed in the vein of storytelling I would strongly recommend you not purchase any of the books in this series As for me I will not be buying another Follett book It really is sad because I would have loved to find an author who would have me explore my Welsh heritag. E to America fall foul of war conscription and revolution In a plot of unfolding drama and intriguing complexity Fall Of Giants moves seamlessly from Washington to St Petersburg from the dirt and danger of a coal mine to the glittering chandeliers of a palace from the corridors of power to the bedrooms of the mighty. D now after 7 of his novels The characters are all types and you know in the first half hour what s going to happen but still I read them and enjoy t Very engaging bookbut on that to followI stumbled onto this series by mistake While shopping at a store this past summer I saw The Edge of Eternity book 3 in this series When I realized it past summer I saw The Edge of Eternity book 3 in this series When I realized it the 3rd installment of a series I decided to give it a read anyway since I had enjoyed Pillars of the Earth World without End some years ago That book was very enjoyable so I decided to go for the series and read book 1 THIS ONEAgain I was captivated by the characters and the events of world history There is only one thing I had a problem withSPOILERS AHEADSPOILERS FOLLOWWhen the closing years of WWI were covered 1918 1919 there was literally NO mention of the worst pandemic in modern history He didn t write those events into his narrative fiction How could Mr Follett NOT write about the 1918 1919 flue pandemic From online sources and I uote It infected an estimated 500 MILLION my emphasis people about one third of the planet s population at the time

and killed an 
killed an 20 50 MILLION "victims But our characters go through Europe and the aftermath of the war the signing of the "But our characters go through Europe and the aftermath of the war the signing of the Treaty etc etc without any concern But it would have been a DEVASTATING time to have made it through WWI only to have entire families DIE at the hands of the worst influenza outbreak in modern times That is my only real gripe Otherwise it s pretty much straight forward Ken Follett Good folks really nasty characters who ALWAYS live to torment and remember be vengeful another day Fun stuffWould I recommend it Sure Having read some of Follett s other books the Kingsbridge series Eye of the Needle etc I began The Century Trilogy series What began as a fascinating read in books one and two turned in to complete disappointment in book three My mother s forefathers were coalminers in Wales prior to immigrating to America so I was captivated by characters who may have lived very similar lives to those who came befo. Ance and enmity to the Fitzherberts aristocratic coal mine owners Lady Maud Fitzherbert falls in love with Walter von Ulrich a spy at the German Embassy in London Their destiny is entangled with that of an ambitious young aide to US President Woodrow Wilson and to two orphaned Russian brothers whose plans to emigrat. ,

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I have read many books about The Great War and thought I knew uite a bit about it However this story opens up other areas such as the Russian picture and enables the reader to get a overall idea of what was happening It is #very immersive and i could not stop reading #immersive and I could not stop reading much that I didn t even realise that I d reached the last page Such disappointment led me straight on to buy part 2This edition is an enhanced edition which I think is ust brilliant Unfortunately I mostly read on my kindle and it is not compatible so I haven "T Used It So Much I Like The Pictures And "used it so much I like the pictures and at the back Part two is not enhanced As a superb historical novel Fall Of Giants deserves 5 stars However particularly in chapters concerning battle scenes it becomes bogged down in detail so much so that I skimmed large swathes of tactical warfare peasantry the arrogant upper class the huge differences in the way each viewed the other are superbly portrayed The class system was perhaps still is to a lesser extent the same in every country portrayed I thought I knew a lot about the period covered however this account gave me a deeper insight into the possible thought processes which determined so many strange sometimes tragic actions on the part of the various governments If I was able to impart the atmosphere depth of characterisation I would perhaps make this review even longer I hope I have written enough to encourage you to read this great book I m a sucker for Follett novels even though they are all pretty much the same It doesn t matter when or where the action is set he Neurology pocketcard Set just lifts the main storyline from one time and drops it into another and it s endlessly predictable and written at GCSE level but it doesn t make it any less enjoyable I find myself blasting through them in 3 or 4 days His obsession with girls losing their virginity is getting a bit tiresome as heust copiespastes the text from one sex scene to the next he felt some resistance then felt something give as she gave a brief cry of pain then moved with his rhythm is getting a bit tire. This is an epic of love hatred war and revolution This is a huge novel that follows five families through the world shaking dramas of the First World War the Russian Revolution and the struggle for votes for women It is 1911 The Coronation Day of King George V The Williams a Welsh coal mining family is linked by rom. ,
Fall of Giants
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