(Ebook Lire) [Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs (LITTLE, BROWN A)] Auteur Ansel Adams

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N film so many would appreciate our wild places ANSEL S ability to sense and document light shadow and the composition of the subject matter are and document light shadow and the composition of the subject matter are perfect Anyone who enjoys nature will love this volume and will treasure the magnificence that resides on our wonderous planet I always thought of MR ADAMS as the uintessential American photographer and you may feel the same way after spending some time with this timele Beautifully compiled collection with sparse but poignant writing on Adams career life and philosophies Others ave commented on image size or
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uality but found both perfectly acceptable That said there were some beautifully detailed pictures bordered by a lot of white space on the page that would ave been nice to see blown up but it s a small uibble. Ed images of lasting beauty and significance It is a testament to Ansel's vision and is prodigious output that a book and is prodigious output that a book this scale can be justified and it is a point of pride for Little Brown to publish a comprehensive overview of the work of Ansel Adams in a single well packaged volu. .

As confused as I am Just wondering I know it s past the return date so guess I ll just send it on to my 94 year old sister because it is supposed to be er Chirstmas present Thank goodness that even at 94 she s sharp as a tack and will opefully get a big chuckle out of it She loves Ansel Adams so cross your fingers that she will just laugh then enjoy all 400 photos inside the weird covers of this book Okay just wanted you to know Sorry I didn t find this until I started to wrap it for Christmas Thanks Frances Goldston of Austin
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If you t already own a book on ANSEL ADAMS work then this is definitely the one to get This amazing man s career spanned Six Decades And ANSEL ADAMS 400 PHOTOGRAPHS decades and ANSEL ADAMS 400 PHOTOGRAPHS an outstanding overview of the sacredness this man wanted to capture Otographs in 1916 to is last great photograph in 1968 ANSEL ADAMS' 400 PHOTOGRAPHS is intended as a must Missel 2021 et son livret have gift and reference book for anyone who appreciates photography and the allure of the natural world Few artists or photographers of any era can claim toave produced four undr. ,
Maybe not the best printing but WAY the best bang for your buck the book isn bang for your buck The book isn uge won t give you a La musique liturgique édifie l'église hernia when you pick it up Iave most of Ansel s books and this the one I There are some small and not interesting not mature images just to get 400 number Overall it s good The book size is pretty small wish I ad it in 10 by 16 so there will be impact of the beautiful images I just discovered that the Ansel Adams book of 400 photographs is weird When you remove the paper cover the name of The Book Is Printed Upside book is printed upside on the book itself If you turn the book around so the front of the book matches the paper cover then when you open the book to what you think will be page 1 you actually find the last page of the index only the printing is upside down Now are you. Beautifully reproduced and cleanly presented the four undred images in this volume represent the finest work of a pre eminent landscape photographer The photographs are arranged chronologically into five major periods in order to convey Adams's maturation as an artist from is first ph. .

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Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs (LITTLE, BROWN A)