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2 Thou shalt forget that Walter Carlos ver xisted3 Thou shalt not tell anyone lse that Walter Carlos Cancer du sein : Guide à l'usage des femmes everxisted4 Thou shalt believe that Wendy Carlos is a female5 Thou shalt stop referring to Wendy Carlos s gender or gender transition6 shalt only discuss Wendy Carlos s or other interestsAlthough Carlos has stated that Sewell s book is fiction this is unfair The book is actually very well researched and pretty fair minded making uite reasonable inferences with a balanced judgement The final chapter is about the damage Carlos has done to her own reputation by aggresively defending her copyrights Perhaps it s now time for Carlos to prioritise her legacy limiting the damage caused by her friends in alienating so many of her fansSewell s book suffers from many minor typos at least 12 which is a poor show for the likes of the OUP This review was published on my blog September 2020In 1968 Wendy Carlos was thrust into the limelight with her synthesizer interpretations of the music of JS Bach The LP Switched On Bach caught the attention of both classical and non classical music listeners alikeAs a child Carlos began playing piano and Cancer du sein : Guide à l'usage des femmes eventually composing her own works At the same time she also developed a keen interest inlectronics By the time she was in high school in the Toi et Moi on s'explique : La ménopause early 1950s she had built her own home computerHer interest in both music andlectronics led to her studying composition at Columbia University with two pioneers in Ménopause, pas de panique ! electronic music Vladimir Ussachevsky and Otto Luening It was during this time that she learned the trade of working in a recording studio andventually met up with Robert MoogHer relationship with Moog was a fruitful one in which she provided much feedback to the La ménopause: Le bon moment pour s'occuper de soi electronicsngineer regarding the design and construction of devices which would Bien vivre sa ménopause, c'est malin eventually be incorporated into Moog s modular synthesizersCarlos meticulous sound construction process wouldventually lead to her La Ménopause experimenting with producing a piece of music by Bach The concept of anntire album of synthesized Bach works was presented to Columbia Records by her long time collaborator Rachel Elkind and it was agreed to issue the set on their Masterworks classical labelAfter its release in October of 1968 the set was so popular that it held the number one spot on Billboard s Classical Music chart for three years By the mid 70s its sales surpassed a million copies in the US aloneIn 1969 she released a second LP ntitled The Well Tempered Synthesizer which included works by Bach and other classical composers1972 saw the release of an xpansive double LP set La sagesse de la ménopause : Cultiver la santé physique et psychique durant cette période de changement entitled Sonic Seasonings Here she devotedach side to a different season and used a combination of real world nature recordings combined with synthetic sounds to produce Les plaisirs secrets de la ménopause evocative soundscapes This was well before Brian Eno introduced his concept of ambient music on such recordings as Discreet Music and Music for AirportsIt was around this time that Carlos was invited to record music for Stanley Kubrick s upcoming film A Clockwork Orange In thend only a small portion of her recordings made its way into the film and original soundtrack album But she ventually released her own works on a separate LPIn the 1980s Carlos began working with digital synthesizers and created her album Digital Moonscapes The versatility of the digital domain also made her want to xperiment with alternate keyboard tunings such as microtonal scales with as many as 35 notes per octave This resulted in the LP Beauty in the Beast As the 80s drew to a close she collaborated with Weird Al Yankovic on a uniue take on the work Peter and the WolfThe 1990s saw Carlos Ménopause et huiles essentielles enter a partnership with the label East Side Digital where she wouldventually re issue remastered versions of her older albums and previously unissued material as well as her final album to date ntitled Tales from Heaven and HellOf course one cannot cover the life and work of Wendy Carlos without acknowledging the path of her personal life The most obvious aspect of which was her gender transition which took place over path of her personal life The most obvious aspect of which was her gender transition which took place over years Author Amanda Sewell does not side step this part of Carlos s life and treats the subject with care and respect This includes the ffect which is had on both her personal and professional lifeThe biography of Wendy Carlos is an La ménopause en douceur engrossing read about a musical pioneer whose work helped to bring attention to the world oflectronic music and provide a vision of music s future. Reer how she relates to the public and how the public has received her and her music Cultural factors surrounding the treatment of transgender people affected many of the decisions that Carlos has made over thedecades Additionally cultural reception and perception of transgender people has colored how journalists scholars and fans have written about Carlos and her music for decade. Wendy Carlos is NOT an nigma the amount of material both personal and professional on her website wendycarloscom is staggering The voluminous liner notes she has included with very release including the 144 page book inside the Boxed Set are illuminating and generous The interviews she gave throughout her career were full of detail Ménopause expertise and well considered opinion She is one of the most documented modern composers inxistenceHowever in 20089 she chose to withdraw from the public arena A series of unpleasant vents may have motivated her decision the loss of her musical distributor a lawsuit against Nick Momus Currie numerous online references that placed her gender dysphoria above her music or just fatigue with a fickle world For whatever reasons she stopped answering reuests for reviews her music has become unavailable causing prices on the used market to skyrocket and she stopped updating her website as of used market to skyrocket and she stopped updating her website as of 2009Until Sewell s new book which has prompted the first new post in ELEVEN YEARSBogus Bio AlertPlease be aware there s a purported Biography on me just released It belongs on the fiction shelf No one ver interviewed me nor anyone I know There s zero fact checking Don t recognize myself anywhere in there weird Sloppy dull and dubious it s hardly an objective academic study as it pretends to beThis slim volume is based on several false premises All of it is speculation taken out of context The key sources are other people s write ups of interviews done for magazine articles There s simply no way to know what s true or not nothing is first handThe book is presumptuous Pathetically it accepts as factual a grab bag of online urban legends including anonymous axes to grind The author imputes things she doesn t understand misses the real reasons for what was done or not done She s in way over her head outside any areas of La ménopause expertise andven defames my dear deceased parents shameWell now you know and have the victim s honest reactions Wish there were one could do about needless personal attacks but we have to understand how Ménopause : santé, beauté, sexualité essential freedom of speech isven when it permits such abuse Have dealt with stereotyping most of my life a pretty tough hide by now But aren t there new interesting targetsUnless you consider academic books a form of contact sport you really might want to reconsider your time and money Wendy Carlos August 2020Yes there are La ménopause au naturel: La ménopause au naturel errors like dates and technology and discography and unfounded speculations on her mental state In Sewell s defense if the subject refuses to cooperate you re left with limited options andven less fact checking And although medical issues get way column inches than they deserve they are treated with sensitivity than most online sources accord Sewell has obviously dug deep into the publicly available sources on Carlos and a few not so public ones like Bob Moog s private papers Conseuently the writing reveals a lot about Wendy s public life but very little about HER AS A PERSON WHICH AFTERALL SHOULD BE THE as a person which afterall should be the of a biography As a non musician Sewell s analysis of the music is not particularly insightful but at least she acknowledges Carlos as a formidable composerMs Carlos seeks total control very parameter that can be controlled MUST be controlled but the only way to do that would be to put her music for sale up on Bandcamp as Peter Gabriel and Kit Watkins have done where she can write whatever she wants about it Until then the

scalpers and curiosity 
and curiosity will have control over her legacy An xtensive and well researched book on a very tricky subject given Carlos s withdrawal from public life in the last decades The author does a very good job with the materials available and presents a very fair and non sensationalized account of the subject However you may be disappointed to find little space given to some key works most notably Carlos s work on the film The Shining and her later release Switched On Brandenburgs A few brief pages are devoted to La ménopause au quotidien : Tout pour bien s'y préparer et la vivre au naturel each of these key works and information readily available in album liner notes forxample is simply not touched upon I was hoping to hear of the background on these pieces given the La ménopause : une autre approche... exhaustive treatment of some other less popular works Perhaps the author preferred not to duplicate information availablelsewhere but the result is a bit unbalanced In general the book could use a good deal in depth musical analysis and less focus on the gender transition process though it must be conced. With her debut album Switched On Bach composer and Une nouvelle vie pour la femme : Santé et ménopause electronic musician Wendy Carlos b 1939 brought the sound of the Moog synthesizer to a generation of listeners helping toffect arguably one of the most substantial changes in popular music's sound since musicians began using amplifiersHer story is not only one of a person who blazed new trails in lectronic music for decades but. Ed that the book admirably avoids lurid fixation to the xtent of pointedly not including some Guide critique des médicaments de l'âme : Antidépresseurs, lithium et régulateurs de l'humeur, neuroleptiques... embarrassing uotations from a published interview that Carlos regretted giving to Playboy magazineI d still recommend the book but fans hoping for a full treatment of The Shining or the Brandenburg recordings will be disappointedUpdate Having finished the book now I don t think I d recommend it overall The overall premise of the book is that too much attention is paid to Carlos s gender transformation and notnough to the music The author then proceeds to spend conservatively 80% of the book addressing nothing other than that single topic As noted above key releases and compositions are briefly covered but the author then spends Les femmes, les hommes, l'alcool endless page after page describing the inadeuacies and misunderstandings of the musical press in response to those works Of course there are long long sections describing Carlos s own perturbed responses to those misunderstandings but again if you come to read primarily about the music you will remain unsatisfiedThe final chapters dealing with Carlos s withdrawal from public life and the non availability of her music are uite a slog with the authorndlessly describing the legal battles between Carlos s representation and fans of her music You will also be reading page after page of you guessed it various writers and fans of her music You will also be reading page after page of you guessed it various writers and who spend too much time focusing on gender and not Le Régime omega : Le Miracle des suppléments d'huile de poisson enough on musicThe book is a mildly interesting account of a misunderstood and difficult artist The author could have really stood to take her own advice and discuss the music in greater depth since the point is madearly on and repeated hundreds of times that Carlos s personal life by her own desire is less important than her artistic output The Grammy winning album Switched on Bach was a triumph when it was released in 1968 Nothing like it had been heard before And given the somewhat basic technology available I am amazed that Oxford University Press published this book The book s subject matter is worthy of OUP s prestigious imprint but the writing uality is not The grammar is bad The punctuation is bad The style is non Prévenir et guérir les maladies de l'homme existent Wendy Carlos has strived to make her music as perfect as the tools she had were capable of and she deserves a rather better biography than this substandard work I m unsurprised that Wendy Carlos declined to be involved in the writing of it as did it appearsveryone who knew or had worked with Wendy CarlosThis book s only merit is that of being the only biography yet written about the composer Should someone write a better it would be hard to be much worse one I would downgrade this to 1 star The reason the book get stars is that it is a little better than nothing Super I bought this book thinking it was an authorized biographyHowever the author has only used well known previously published accounts I can t discern much in the way of original material Much of this work s page are used to reference other sources which lead the reader into thinking that the numerous reference pages are somehow beneficial to the book s content They are notThe final insult is that NOT ONE of the accounts are first hand interviews with Wendy Did the author ven ask or is this just a money grabI advise against supporting this book and it s author I found the book overall just ok It dragged on with and information on her transgender issues and veered off course from what could have been a concise look at her music The book made me feel that Carlos is just a recluse who hates the world because she is not taken seriously I wish the author could have made actual contact with the artist and used less of archival interviews to give a up to date look at her work Sadly we may never see or hear another Carlos work at this point Music industry is no and it s sad Carlos is not making her work for streaming but I understand her reservations since for years she was collecting royalties from the sales but nothing from performance which she moved away from If like me you sent what you thought was a flattering mail to Wendy Carlos via her website only to receive an abusive response from her webmaster sd then you have fallen into the trap identified by this book on pages 113 to 114 There are unspoken rules you need to follow if you re to remain in the good books of Wendy and her friendsThe Six Commandments of Transgender Etiuette regarding Wendy Carlos1 Thou shalt not refer to Walter Carlos in any mail. Is also the story of a person who intersected in many ways with American popular culture medicine and social trends during the second half of the 20th century and well into the 21st There is much totell about her life and about the ways in which her life reflects many dimensions of American cultureCarlos's identity as a transgender woman has shaped many aspects of her life her ca. ,

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