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Philosophes confucianistes dFascinating I have read lots of Carlos Casteneda and this has the same flavor as some of his work though I think it contains much less real content in terms of shamanic or healing techniues It felt like the author was trying to write about an experience in which she was obligated to leave out so many secretetails that it felt shallow It also seemed like there lots of filler content added to make the information that was given long enough for a book It was entertaining though from a story tellingcultural perspective and an easy Read This Was A Great This was a great It gave me life A lot resonated with me and the teachings It shows just how connected we all truly are in some WAY IF ONLY THIS WORLD WOULD If only this world would up and see i have read many books on shamans and witches but this book helped me to intuit instead of intellectualize the teachings so much than any of them Thank you For Sharing These Wonderful Truths With Us Florind. Elan sharing these wonderful truths with us Florind. Elan known for its spiritualists sorcerers and mediu.

Le mythe <a href=Les trois Vagues de Volontaires et la Nouvelle Terre d'Hiram et l'initiationu Maître maçon" title="Le mythe Les familles d'âmes: Selon les enseignements des Anges Xedah et de l'Archange Michaël d'Hiram et l'initiationu Maître maçon"/>

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 The Witch's Dream: A Healer's Way of Knowledge (Compass)Very interesting The book is for those seeking wisdom it is not necessary to go through all the initiations but at least one can use some of the elements to further evelopI think this is least one can use some of the elements to further evelopI think this is to become one of the Milestones in my life like Kryon Yogananda the life of a Yogi and the Initiation from E Haich It was lovely to hear about female witches from a woman God knows we ve been vilified enough for taking on that role so Terr2, quand la conscience change toutes les règles don t let the shamans get all the glory nowFemale witches are just as infuriating and obscure as the guys I just like them better good Maybe bestescribed as strange Anyone expecting a similar style to the Castaneda books might be isappointed There is none of the intellectual narrative and analysis that characterized Carlos interactions with Don Juan and the other sorcerers Instead there are a series of flashbacks to Florinda other sorcerers Instead there are a series of flashbacks to Florinda youth escribing her encounters with various characters who. This is the extraordinary account of Donner Grau's experi. ,
Were or less witchy There is a primitive unreflective atmosphere Personally I Found Heavy Going Imagine How As We I found heavy going Imagine how as we and progress through infancy we learn to limit or ignore certain awarenesses we were born with because we generally on t use them in our normal lives Here is a journey to explore those awarenesses I was not expecting to be led along this line of thought but was pleasantly surprisedwe always think we understand a concept with preconditioned idea s I appreciate the insightand truly hope there are teachers still around to help us seekersI gave this book 4 stars for great stories through personal experience i love this book verry nice and clear when you read it the writter transports you to the moment it give you many insights about the spiritual life An excellent story of healing and magic by Florinda Donner GRAU I WILL ENJOY THIS BOOK FOR THAN ONE I will enjoy this book for than one Very satisfying Fast shipping too. Ences with oa Mercedes an aged healer in a remote Venezu.

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