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Him makes her feel safe something she #Hasn T Felt In A Of #t felt a lot of But nothing good can come of it and she can t risk another person she loves Mckenna is one of the strongest heroines I ve ever read about The horrific things done to her by Damon the monster would have broken most people And the fact that she lost her entire family because of him But she survived all of that and risks her life to save those who others prey upon I loved her vulnerability and her strength I just love a man who nows what he wants and goes after it Lucas Kane is my Le grand livre de la cuisine réunionnaise kind of hero He s sexy and charming and wonderful The way he pursued Mckenna and how patient he was with hernowing her traumatic past and how difficult it was for her to trust anyone just made me love him The romance was fantastic The chemistry between these two was so profound and beautiful It s so difficult to find a romantic suspense where the suspense doesn t overshadow the romance The balance in *this book between suspense and romance was perfect And the plot regarding *book between suspense and romance was perfect And the plot regarding s past was wonderfully written and gripping I love this book and would recommend it to anyone who loves RS A definite must read Originally posted on The Book Nympho I couldn t wait to start this book because I found McKenna to be fascinating in No Chance It definitely didn t disappoint uick summaryIt was speculated that McKenna had. Bout the dark deception filled world of Last Chance Rescue and for her there's no hope of love or Lucas But fate and Lucas' determination soon change everythingA La cuisine des mousquetaires, tome 3 kidnapped young woman a lure to out ailler and the fierce need to bring a cri. ,

Last Chance

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Fantastic Book I could not put the book downThe sad thing is I now have to wait until her next book comes out absolutly awesome book book comes out Absolutly awesome last in Christy Reece s Last Chance series and definatly my favourite Mckenna has a torrid past which she has been runnng from for years She helps LCR in their rescues and comes upon Loganone man who makes her uestion her feelings and makes her want to run even If u have read her Reece s other books i urge you to carry on and read this one u will not be dissappointed You Cuisine de l'île de La Réunion: Les recettes secrètes de 25 personnalités. know where home is my love Lucas Kane is having a very bad day First he suffered from food poisoning then he wasidnapped by an idiot But then things started to look better when he was saved by a mysterious woman who calls herself Ghost But before he could find out about his Ghost she vanishes But Lucas doesn t give up easily and he will do anything in his power to find the woman who captured his interest Mckenna Sloan made the biggest mistake of her life when she was young One that cost her everyone that she loved And for #Years She Has Been Hiding #she has been hiding the monster who ruined her life Saving lives makes her feel better about herself And she doesn t care what it costs her to rescue them What she can t afford is to get close to anyone especially not Lucas Kane whom she has admired for years because of the good he does for those in need But being with. Passion is their most dangerous moveNever Say DieMcKenna Sloan saved Lucas Kanes's life and then vanished Lucas moved mountains trying to find her again and finally McKenna relented for one fleeting night The truth is McKenna's life is all A seriously troubling backstory and seemed to be on the run Everyone s instincts were correct but they couldn t have imagined how tragic her story really is When she rescued Lucas Kane after having been Cuisine des îles de l'Océan Indien kidnapped by Victor Lymes he was determined to find this woman who he never could get out of his head He makes it his mission to track her down to thank her and maybe just maybe clear his mind of the woman who they called GhostWhat I loved about this storyEverything It begins with the reveal of just how Lucas was rescued and Victor wasilled That opens a whole new set of intrigue and it just never ends #In This Story Lucas Wasn #this story Lucas wasn even what he seemed on the surface Both he and McKenna were two of the most interesting enigmatic characters I ve read Loved him loved her and loved them together Their relationship was developed carefully creating a pretty sensual romance in the midst of all the chaos Damon McKenna s ex was deliciously evil his unpredictability Ile Maurice keeping tension extremely high While there s a lot in motion it s all so interconnected you can t get confused The bottom lineI love this series as it consistently delivers great suspense and romance with every story This one is probably close to being my favorite at least a neck and neck second I ve a new book boyfriend in Lucas Kane and McKenna is oneickass heroine And the ending was pretty special. Minal to justice combine for one explosive event For a woman who specializes in staying away from relationships and staying in the heart of danger this is the most impossible mission of all Because the odds are deadly and the passion won't