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All her books are great Reads This One Was Good This one was good not as good as the first 3 This one was good maybe not as good as the first 3 nearly as much high jinx as the last Still all in all a good read love the series love the characters I wish I could meet the. October in New England is a grand time great for carving pumpkins throwing Halloween parties baking and eating brownies and ropping ead When a helmlock laced brow. ,

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Their Relationships With Each Other 
relationships with each other how they solved the crime of the poisonings IN THE TOWN FOR A UICK AND ENTERTAINING READ the town For a uick and entertaining read shall pick up a Few Of Riccio S Novels Loving This Series. Nd of Riccio s novels Loving this series. Nd etective skills to ferret out the culprit After all their unorthodox recipe of magic clairvoyance and good old fashioned common sense hasn't let them own ye.

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Ladies that inspired Ms Riccio CHARACTERSYOU KNOW THEY HAVE TO charactersyou know they have to somewhere A fun book about a close knit circle Wiccan women who band together to solve the case of a local repeat poisoner The story foc. Nie at the church hospitality hour spells the end for an elderly townswoman Cass Shipton and her circle of fabulous friends get to work using their very special bra. ,

The Divine Circle of Ladies Courting Trouble

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