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Few pages with his instructor or his classmates He has ven selected a pseudonym Parker Evan to protect his anonymity Years later Jacob wonders whatever became of this student and his story He certainly doesn t recall seeing Evan Parker s name on a bookshelf or movie marueeA little research reveals that Evan died tragically before he could publish giving Jacob the idea that maybe HE should flesh out this PLOT And when he does all of Evan s predictions for it come true for author JACOB FINCH BONNER Until a troll threatens to MON MAÎTRE JE SUIS: Les Mémoire de Gaïa expose him as a thief of someonelse s work But can you steal a PLOT After all he didn t publish someone Non reconnu - Un exposé du secret le mieux gardé au monde - La présence extraterrestre else s written words as his own The book started a bit slowly for me and I didn t findxcerpts of Jacob s book called Crib all that remarkable The PLOT is really NOT that scintillating AND I guessed the troll So where could the book go from here Thankfully the book builds momentum when Jacob begins investigating to figure out who is accusing him of plagiarism in an attempt to stop his troll before his troll stops him and his now promising careerAnd when his Publisher Macmillan gets involves and Mystères et Bizarreries 3 explores APPROPRIATION in the Publishing World and how COMBUSTIBLE this topic has become Narratives get told and retold all the time Can you own a PLOT Who will prevail in thend The ACCUSER or the ACCUSED Will the truth get Le grand retour des sciences de l'âme: Pour en finir avec Freud, le DSM, les médicaments et la synagogue de satan exposed or buriedThending raised my rating to 4 I received a free ARC of The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz in Code Cosmos exchange for an honest review Pre order now for a May 11 publication date Jacob Finch Bonner was once an aspiring author Today he is teaching in a third rate MFA program One of his students Evan Parker announces that he doesn t need any of Jacob s help and that he has a plot of a book that will be on the best seller s list He then tells Jacob of the plot of his new book When Jacob finds out that Evan is deceased he then steals the plot since Evan s book was never completed The book then turns into a success Jacobnjoys all the publicity He is now famous and his book is now known all around the world But then he receives an anonymous threatening Oummo, l'effet Quetzacoatl email and themail says You are a thief He then discovers about his student and it terrifies him He then tries to find the person that is threatening him This book in the beginning is a slow burn It took me awhile to get into it but once I did I couldn t put it down The book gets better and betterI also learned about the world of book publishing I thought the book was written very wellClose to the Conspiration des élites : Tome 2, Armageddon ending there is a twist and another twist that I didn t see coming at thend of the book The twists were just clever and brilliantThis was a buddy read with Jayme DeAnn and Dorie I received a free ARC of The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz from Macmillan in Aides à l'Ascension dans la 5ème dimension: Communiqué des Êtres de Sirius A exchange for an honest review I also want to thank Celadon Books for the physical copy of the book The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz Jacob Finch Bonner has a well received published book behind him but has been unable to get much or any attention for his later attempts at the next great novel Years later he s struggling working at jobs connected to writing becoming the clich of those who can do those who can t teach He s his own worst critic considering himself nothing if he can t write mired in years long writer s block and incredibly jealous of anyone with current writing success He really has no interest in anythinglse but being a great writer and his low self La Terre Creuse: La plus grande découverte géographique de l'histoire humaine esteem and feelings of dejection lead the first half of the book To his utter disgust a disrespectful student of a third rate MFA program he teaches shows him several pages of his work in progress which has a plot that must be told can t help but be a raging success and will make anyone who writes the book an instant best selling author Years later when the book hasn t been written or published because the student died Jacob takes the plot for himself writes a best selling novel and then basks in the glory while dreading he s going to be found out at any moment And then it happens he starts getting textsmails and from someone threatening to Anunnaki: Reptiliens dans l’histoire de l’humanité expose him for stealing the story This is where things get good Before Jacob was stuck on his couch wallowing in self pity then basking in the glory of his success Now he s scared and he s not willing to bexposed not about to lose his high standing in the publishing world I did guess who was sending the threats but doing so didn t diminish my Vu d'en haut... Rencontre avec la Fraternité Galactique enjoyment of this book in any way We ve been so caught up in Jacob s head and we know that he feels like he took that plot and we know he s determined to keep the story as his story But he has his work cut out for him to find out who is threatening him This is very much a psychological drama well written and it kept me glued to the pages to see how it was all going tond Expected publication May 11 2021Thank you to Celadon Books for the print copy of this ARC Read this for the nding The Plot is about a struggling author who steals a masterful plot for his next novel A game of cat and mouse nsues between the author for his next novel A game of cat and mouse Aides à l'Ascension dans la 5ème dimension: Communiqué des Êtres de Sirius A ensues between the author a reader who knows too much resulting in a dramatic and chilling conclusion Jake a writer down on his luck steals a plot to a novel that brings him fame fortune and success but someone knows his secret and threatensxposure In an ffort to keep his secret Jake tries to hunt down his adversary but will they get to him firstThis book pulled me in from the beginning Jake s voice had me captivated which was interesting since I found him bland and ordinary but I think that s the point He is relatable and Even Though He Did though he did the plot for his novel I was still rooting for him For the most part this was unputdownable minus the middle it slows down a bitI loved Hanff Korelitz s commentary on the literary world which reminded me a bit of A Ladder to the Sky but Jake is no Maurice Swift The plot which Jake s steals is supposed to be the it plot leading to movie offers fame fortune tc but it is a bit of a letdown once revealed However the villain is masterful and they made this book The final sentences WHICH SHOULD HAVE LEFT ME CRINGING should have left me cringing me smiling This is all one twisted and fascinating game that I had great fun reading I received an ARC of The Plot from Macmillan in Connaissances interdites exchange for an honest review. Ornjoying the wave He is wealthy famous praised and read all over the world But at the height of his glorious new life an mail arrives the first salvo in a terrifying anonymous campaign You are a thief it saysAs Jake struggles to understand his antagonist and hide the truth from his readers and his publishers he begins to learn about his late student and what he discovers both amazes and terrifies him Who was Evan Parker and how did he get the idea for his sure thing of a novel What is the real story behind the plot and who stole it from whom. .

This book to sum it up was a fantastic read ven though the first few chapters were a bit of a slow paced I liked how informative this book was The pace picked up when samples of stories were introduced The Alien Agendas: A Speculative Analysis of Those Visiting Earth (English Edition) especially the story titled Crib The horror of someone knowing the author s secret was a nice push made me want to turn the pages This book definitely answered many of my asked and unasked uestions about writers publishers and readers including reviewers I m glad to be informed as anarly reviewer This book followed Jacob aka Jake a once well known author told in the third person point of view as he arrived at his office looking hopeless His new job was a teaching position a writer teaching students to become a writer Zone 51 - Menaces extraterrestres ? except he s not motivated to do the job because his own writing career has been receiving rejections after rejections since his first book was published years ago One student Evan Parker had an idea for a story that was self proclaimed mind blowing and after much persuasion Evan finally told Jake about it Jake thought that it will be the best storyven though he hated to admit it Two years later Jake found himself yet again with a new job but this time at a small town There he met a fellow writer that acted like Evan and the memories about Evan and the book idea returned He decided to look up Evan and the book but found out Evan died and couldn t find the book had been published Three years later Jake published a book with the idea he stole from his student Evan He became wildly successful as he always imagined but also terrified that someone will find out that the idea wasn t his The inevitable happened when Jake received an Le Roswell russe - Révélations sur les mystères ufologiques de l'Union Soviétique email from an unknown person accusing him of being a thief This book was divided into four parts where there s a title forach chapter summarizing what s to come The Plot was well written with a uniue idea I have not Les apparitions d'humanoïdes - Nos étranges visiteurs vus à travers les rencontres du 3e type encountered before I rarely able to guess who the killer was in thrillers but in this story I was able to Injoyed both stories very much the book and the story within this book I was sad for the PEOPLE MISSING IN THE WOODS.: People are disappearing in the Woods. True Stories of Unexplained Disappearances… ending though because I do liked Jake and would prefer him to have a happynding The big reveal was great but I was hoping Jake would realize something was amiss sooner The L'affaire B. - Une enquête ufologique epilogue was okay only because the character was not my favorite Overall this mystery thriller was definitely an interesting read and I do recommendveryone to read it xoxo Jasmine at wwwhowusefulitiswordpresscom for details Many thanks to Celadon Books for sending me a copy of The Plot in Des extraterrestres capturés à Varginha au Brésil : Le nouveau Roswell exchange for an honest review Please be assured that my opinions are honest But there was one thing he actually did believe in that bordered on the magical or at least the beyond pedestrian and that was the duty a writer owed to a storyI received a free ARC of The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz from Macmillan in anxchange for an honest reviewAll Jacob Finch Bonner wanted to be was a writer He paid his dues and when his first novel made a modest splash in the literary fiction market he thought he was on his way But then his second novel tanked And he couldn t L’ARCHE: L’AVERTISSEMENT DES EXTRATERRESTRES D’ALPHA DU CENTAURE even find a publisher for his third or fourth novels Which is how he found himself teaching at a third rate MFA program that nobody notven its own faculty took seriously Evan Parker doesn t have any particular respect for writing or writers I just care about the story Either it s a good plot or it isn t And if it s not a good plot the best writing isn t going to help And if it is the worst writing isn t going to hurt it But what he has is
a bulletproof plot 
bulletproof plot a novel that will be the next mega hit has is a bulletproof plot for a novel that will be the next mega hit of those that come along once or twice a decade and Le Secret des Envahisseurs 1 explode Presumed Innocent The Firm The Da Vinci Code Gone Girl As much as Jake detests Evan when he hears the plot he knows Evan is rightBut the novel never gets published and when Jake finally digs into why he learns that Evan died just a few months after they met And Jake decides that the plot is simply toxtraordinary not to be written So he takes the plot writes his own Novel He Had Only Seen A Few he had only seen a few of Evan s first draft and it becomes the Oprah loved Spielberg movie multi million copy selling smash that he could have only dreamed of And his life is pretty perfect until the first Obscures réalités: Nous ne sommes pas seuls e mail arrives accusing him of being a thief because maybe there was to Evan s plot than Jakever realizedI had a lot of thoughts as I read The Plot Jake rationalizes using Evan s plot yet upon being accused of being a thief he feels and acts guilty But is he Certainly you can steal the text of a novel but that didn t happen here Can you steal an idea or a plot And if he was really worried why didn t he just dedicate the novel to Evan and say that he d done his best to honor the idea that Evan had told him Maybe I just don t know La fin des temps: Les prophéties du retour (Savoirs Anciens) enough about plagiarism But I m 100% sure that Evan is 100% wrong that that a good plot can t be ruined by bad writing Let 1000 people read one of those books I listed above then give them a year to write their own version of that book from memory and I ll bet you couldn t get through the first three chapters of at least 90% of the copies Writing is hard and a successful book works because of the marriage between the story the writing and the timesBut Iventually stopped thinking so much about those ideas and became absorbed with the story itself Jake is a well developed character and his insights into the the world of being a writer were BEYOND THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL FIREWALL: AN EXPERIENCER’S POINT OF VIEW (English Edition) entertaining The book within a book techniue almost reuired given the story is veryffective As Jake begins to learn about Evan s past we get snippets from Crib and Le Mystère des Ummites: Une science venue d'une autre planète ? each unsurprisingly sheds new light on the other In fact my only real critiue of the book is that given that he already knew the plot of his own book Jake probably should have figured out what was going on faster than he didSo could the The Plot be the next mega hit It has all of the ingredients It s got a good plot with some nice twists is well written has some interesting ideas going on and seems primed to appeal to those in the grip of the current obsession for mystery thrillers Perhaps most of all the book builds to a legitimately greatnding that I may never forget Highly recommended a few minutes later in the car he found the first of the messages It had been. Hailed as breathtakingly suspenseful Jean Hanff Korelitz's The Plot is a propulsive read about a story too good not to steal and the writer who steals itJacob Finch Bonner was once a promising young novelist with a respectably published first book Today he's teaching in a third rate MFA program and struggling to maintain what's left of his self respect; he hasn't written let alone published anything decent in years When Evan Parker his most arrogant student announces he doesn't need Jake's help because the plot of his book in progress is a sure

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Forwarded from the contact form on his own author website Thanks for visiting my page Have a uestion or a comment about my work Please use the form just around the time as he was about to go on the air with local Seattle institution Randy Johnson and it had already been sitting there in his own Le livre qui dit la vérité : Le message donné par les extra-terrestres email in box for about ninety radioactive minutes Like the book referred to in this novel I think this will be a well read and much talked about book this Spring I found the writing to be very good in spite of the slow beginning It took a while to set up the foundation for what was to unfold I did not find it to be breathtakingly suspenseful as the blurb suggests it s much of a slow buildupJacob Bonner is a 40 ish writer who had a one time promising career He wrote a novel that did uite well but then his second novel didn t take off and the third novel well he couldn tven find a publisher that would take itJacob finds himself teaching a creative writing class at a 3rd rate MFA program in Vermont We join him as he is getting ready to greet the next class of prospective writers and he isn t very Anti-gravity Propulsion Dynamics: Ufos and Gravitational Manipulation enthused about itThen he reads a few pages of Evan Parker s submission It is clever and the plot is really something he has never read before He has some further discussion with Evan about what will unfold next in the story Evan is narcissistic doesn t accept suggestions or criticisms He knows that this novel will be a huge hit But Evan never finishes the manuscript as far as Jacob knows He actually disappears from campus and Jacob doesn t know where he has gone or what he has done Jacob kept waiting for this novel to surface but it never does Jacob actually struggles with the thought of writing a novel with this plot Who actually owns an idea He justifies his use of the plot because he believes that if you did not do right by the great story that had chosen you among all possible writers to bring it to life that great story didn t just leave you to spin your stupid and ineffectual wheels It actually WENT TO SOMEBODY ELSE A great story wanted to be told AND IF YOU WEREN T GOING TO DO THAT it was OUT OF HERE it was going to find SOMEBODY ELSE WHO WOULDThe less you know about what unfolds the you will ENJOY the story I use that word a bit loosely because THE PLOT itself portrays the story of a woman who is inherently EVIL with no moral compass or thought of anythingxcept what she wantsI was thankful to read this novel with DeAnn and Jayme who helped me get past the first halfThis novel is set to publish on May 11 2021I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through Edelweiss To what lengths will an author take to write a successful book Jacob Jake Finch Bonner teaches a writing course that is meant to help aspiring writers improve their work assist REBEL GENE: Secret Space and the Future of Humanity each other with feedback and possibly gain an agent at thend Writing is very important to Jake and he misses the days when he published his first book Although it wasn t a huge success it made the NYT New and Noteworthy list His second book was a complete failure and he hasn t been able to get any of his other work publishedInstead he is now teaching this course One of his students an arrogant jerk named Evan Parker claims he doesn t need any help with the fiction novel he s writing because he already knows how good it is and he knows it s going to be a colossal success Jake hears the plot and grudgingly agrees A couple years later Jake has sunk lower It dawns on him that he s never heard of Evan again or his book Researching he finds out that Evan died a couple years back Since Evan was so secretive about his book Jake
assumes that nobody 
that nobody knows the plot So why doesn t HE write the story get it published and Des templiers à la franc-maçonnerie: Les secrets d'une filiation enjoy much deserved successNow Jake is famous as his book spends week after week atop the NYT Bestsellers List He never dreamed of how wonderfulverything in his life would be Then one day he gets a message on his author site saying You are a thief And that is all you need to know going into it I was hooked from the start The writing flows fantastically and this mystery is interspersed with Le Secret des Templiers (Le Club des Cinq) excerpts from Jake s bookand that makes things interesting as he starts to investigate to find out who is messaging him and how that person knows the truth behind the bookEveryone talks about the SHOCKING moment in Jake s book that hadach reader gasping think Gone Girl I can tell you that I don t feel that is accuratein Jake s book or THE PLOT It s still an intriguing and gripping read with some nice moments of surprise It s not fast paced but it s uick to get through if that Totoche even makes sense I guessed the culprit but that was pure speculation on my part The title has than one meaning which I love It also has a satisfying and seriously wickednding I received a free ARC of THE PLOT from Macmillan in Ce ne sont que des mots exchange for an honest review Review also posted at Somewhat of a slow burn that slowly turned into a fast tumbleweed that blew me away Once this story took off I couldn t stop reading to see what was going to happen next Though it took some time to build up somewhere around 37% it was worth the wait This book was nothing like I thought it would and I m happy I read it without knowing much of anything about the plot other than the title It builds slowly and addsach layer by revealing secrets that left me intrigued and wanting Meet the writer Jacob Finch Bonner who learns about a plot for a book that could make him very famous Problem is it isn t his story He writes it anywaySomeone reads it and another plot Coco Panache emerges and takes over Jacob svery waking momentWho is chasing who Its a deadly gameA race with only one winnerAddictive unexpected and delicious mysteryThanks to Celedon gameA race with only one winnerAddictive unexpected and delicious mysteryThanks to Celedon for sending me a review copy OUT May 11 2021 Once a New and Noteworthy author on the New York Times bestseller list Jacob Finch Bonner s novel is all but forgotten and he is teaching a writing course for a third rate MFA program So it is ALMOST comical when student Evan Parker attends his first session boasting that he has a PLOT so original that he is convinced that his story will not only get published but will become a bestseller an Oprah pick and will be optioned by an A List producer who will make it into a movie He is so protective of it that he will only share Hing Jake is prepared to dismiss the boast as typical amateur narcissism But then he hears the plotJake returns to the downward trajectory of his own career and braces himself for the supernova publication of Evan Parker's first novel but it never comes When he discovers that his former student has died presumably without ver completing his book Jake does what any self respecting writer would do with a story like that a story that absolutely needs to be toldIn a few short years all of Evan Parker's predictions have come true but Jake is the auth. The Plot

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