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Nd entitled The author has a well flowing nature to her writing style that enabled me to pretty much fly right through the book in an afternoon Well done 4 stars I have received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Admission was an interesting book I wont lie to you at one point I was a bit bored with everything Especially when it came to the little flashbacks because this point all of Chloe s friends ghosted the shit out of her or left her completely alone So yeah I didn t really care about her crush and how things were kind of going her way when they really weren tOther than that Chloe was an okay character Not the brightest person out there but it also didn t feel like she even tried at school I get that studying is hard and not everyone can do it correctly but that s why the world has tutors and studying habits Also her dream college where all she wanted to do was going to parties meet people and possibly lose her virginity aren t great reasons to go to any college At some point Chloe started to think something was wrong Especially when it came to her SAT scores It also didn t help that her parents were acting weird and suspicious throughout most of the book Heck I even agreed with how Shola was feelingacting when everyone was acting over privileged Yet I don t agree with how Shola handled their friendshipAgain here friends weren t the best because of how they handled things Yeah her parents screwed up a lot of parents did It sucks but they shouldn t place the blame on her The whole thing was kind of sucky and I felt bad for ChloeIn the end it was an okay book with a bittersweet ending Blog Instagram Twitter Thank you NetGalley and Delacorte Press for this ARC All thoughts and opinions are mine The side door was the only way in for people like menot smart enough to get in on their ownnot uite gilded enough to buy their way in legally Unapologetically honest That is the best description for Admission and the facts that Julie Buxbaum has given us those with money want to buy their way toward the bigger and the better and often than not they accomplish it I don t want to do the unpleasant thing and group a whole bunch of people with X common denominator into the same group but let s face it this privilege mentality happens every single day And though it is clearly expressed that this is a work of fiction one can t help but recall the very famous and real case that was brought to light in 2019 involving an extremely similar college scandalI ll be honest I wasn t high enough on the GPA spectrum or extra curricular activity side of school to even aspire going to a university like Yale Princeton or Harvard although as an aside I do want to visit Yale one day because that campus is gorgeous I did well I was right on that 35 GPA line and I m proud of my ranking But an Ivy League school would ve laughed themselves to death if I had so much as attempted to apply to themI did however know a few students in my high school that not only wanted to attend schools like these but they were incredibly bright talented young men and women who would ve been incredible assets A lot of them did not make it and while back then I felt bad since their hearts were so obviously set on this now as an adult I better understand the probabilities and possibilities of why they may not have succeeded in being approved for entranceThere were times when it was uncomfortable to read Admission because the family around which it revolves is so entitled without being aware of how much this term applies to them They have every material thing that they could possibly want or need they have so many doors open to them for all the things that they could want to do in life they have other people running around town fetching them coffee or ice cream or laundry And yet for some reason they go to specialists so that they can make sure that they poop in optimal position No really And this truly could happen out there in the real world If The Real Housewives of ANYWHERE has taught me anything is that drama sells and if you have enough money to stop knowing what to do with it you spend it on other people telling you how to do mundane tasks in a way that will get you best results Cause heavens forbid we sit incorrectly on a toilet seatIn the whole of this novel my favorite we sit incorrectly on a toilet seatIn the whole of this novel my favorite is Isla This young girl one year beneath our lead Chloe is in contact with the reality of the world than the rest of her family and it is so satisfying to see her throw this in their faces as the story progresses She helps them wake up and snap the hell out of it Isla who comes from this wealthy family works hard sweats bleeds for what she accomplishes in life it s one of the best lessons that Chloe learns her little sister Isla is going to get into the school of her dreams one day because she struggled for it not because mommy and daddy were able to pay her way to it This story is a perfect example of what happens when the silver spoon is ripped away from you and you crash to the ground you suffer you look like an idiot and you answer to the law We as the other side of the coin want this we hunger for it and sometimes we are a little crazed and violent in our relish of those who did wrong pay It s all spelled here clear as day I m ust glad that those involved are aware of what they do I m glad that the author allows Chloe s mom and dad to stop being in denial as the face of this scandal face what she did and own up to it The interview near the end of the novel where she basically has a nervous breakdown on life TV and admits her culpability and apologizes brought tears to my eyes Yes this is a novel of disgustingly affluent individuals who take complete advantage of their status but it my eyes Yes this is a novel of disgustingly affluent individuals who take complete advantage of their status but it about what it means to be a human being And as a human being you are going. Her best friend always has her back and her mom a B list Hollywood celebrity may finally be on her way to the B list It's good to be Chloe Wynn Berringer at least it was until the FBI came knocking on her front door guns at the ready and her future went up in smoke Now her mother is under arrest in a massive college admissions bribery scandal Chloe too might be facing charges and even time behind bars The pub. .
To make mistakes Bottom line emotionally this is a fantastic novel Buxbaum presents us with a less than perfect group of people who are not great to read about and make you cringe every time an elite status related sentence spews out of their mouths sometimes without them even realizing it which is somehow worse and slowly peels away at them until we get a rawer version stripped of all pretense We still know that they did wrong but somehow we appreciate it all a little because now they have awareness It s very real it s very current and it s very worth the read 3 stars Admission is a story about a high school senior named Chloe Chloe has a somewhat famous mother a great dad and is living her best life in a lot of ways She finally has the attention of her long time crush and she has a great best friend If it wasn t for the pressure of her college applications she d have it made Chloe isn t the best student and it looks like all of her dream schools are out of reach Her mom hires an admission coach to help her get into the college of her dreams Well it works because Chloe gets in But then the unthinkable happens Her mom is arrested in a college admissions scam and Chloe s life is over T This is my record time of reading My hands were glued to my e reader and my mind is already conuered with the family scandal I was truly book thirsty wild literature animal and I was invested from the beginning When I read the plot about college admissions bribery scandal and B lister Hollywood celebrity Joy Field s arresting I think I m reading a story about Lori Loughlin s trial case There are too many things in the book are similar with the actress real life story including being B minus Hollywood star but after her sitcom s remaking on Netflix she got a chance to be B plus lister And Dictionnaire Hachette encyclopédique 1999 just like Lori Loughlin Joy gets sacked from Netflix and Hallmark She has two daughtersust like Lori and she pleaded guilty Thésaurus just like Lori did confession when I first read the book Laughlin was pleading not guilty but two weeks later I finished the book she changed her mind as her lawyers advised her which brought out real life similarities with the book s character I m not gonna tell you if Joy follow the same path You gotta read this impressively intense perfectly developed family drama going between now and then to tell how their life changed and how they face the conseuences of the mistakes they ve madeFirst of all this book is not written toudge a wealthy family who cheat their way to reach their goals and using their white privilege notoriously to get what they never deserve I m one of the people who got really mad after reading the stories about the real scandal 33 parents accusation of paying than 25 million between 2011 and 2018 to William Rick Singer As like the real scandal our heroine Chloe Wynn Berringer s college application essay was rewritten and her photographs were photoshopped and doctored and of course her score was inflated So many young people work
too hard to 
hard to their dreams to get a proper education at elite colleges with little financial resources and push too hard to get a scholarship including Chloe s best friend Shola s story who is coming from immigrated Nigerian middle class family The author chose a real provocative and thought provoking subject It s so challenging to tell a story about one of the most unlikable family when you consider there are so many similarities with the real life characters but interestingly you many similarities with the real life characters but interestingly you yourself root for the characters of the book and you start to see the events from their perspective Chloe is mediocre privileged girl who still doesn t find her passion or her goal for her life surrounded by A grader high achiever friend Shola intelligent and ambitious perfectionist sister Isla and golden boy of the school Levi When everyone around her shines with their highly impressive achievements and big life purposes detailed future plans she starts getting lost and insecure And of course she doesn t want her family to be embarrassed by her lack of competitive skills but even though she s working harder and do everything to get a better SAT score she gets panicked and her score is getting lower at her each try When her mother finds a special consultant called himself doctor and arranged some other place in West Hollywood for taking the test she doesn t uestion her motives She knows her mother is competitive ambitious and hard worker women who wants best for her kid And when the test result came showing 200 points higher than her last one she thought there might be some mistake and she tried to tell several people including school consultant but as she sees her mother s hopeful face and listening to her friends motivational speeches she stops uestioning further She suspects something fishy going around but it was too late to admit her doubts to someone when FBI bangs their door and handcuffs her mom in front of their neighbors and army of paparazzis Throughout my reading I mostly liked Isla one year younger sister of Chloe the smartest most mature and practical member of the family even though she is the youngest one and the effects of scandal in her life Her efforts to bring the family back to face the realities and her harsh but realistic methods to help her sister were well written I loved the sisters uirky ways of communication and of course I enjoyed the conclusion of the storyOverall I had amazing time and I enjoyed the well developed characterization and intriguing fast remarkable pace of the story I normally give four stars but I m adding half and rounding 45 to 5 because the brave subject choice and incredible story telling skills of the authorSpecial thanks to NetGalley and Random House Children sDelacorte Press for sharing this remarkable ARC with me in exchange my honest review. Lic is furious the press is rabid and the US attorney is out for bloodAs she loses everything she's long taken for granted Chloe must reckon not only with the truth of what happened but also with the examination of her own guilt Why did her parents think the only way for her to succeed was to cheat for her What did she know and when did she know it And perhaps most importantly what does it mean to be complici. .
Five GLORIOUS stars I loved this so much Julie Buxbaum is a YA ueen and her latest installment did not disappoint She dove into the story of the college admissions scandal and somehow made it a coming of age family drama that sucked me in from the first page and didn t let go until I had flown through the whole thing The alternating timelines between pre and post scandal was a really nice plot device that kept the story moving and really gave her the opportunity to show our characters growth All of my thanks to Netgalley for the chance to read an early copy I can imagine you re going to be seeing this one everywhere once it releases I have read and loved all of Julie Buxbaum s YA novels and her latest ADMISSION is no exception It is a thought provoking fictionalization based on the recent college admissions scandal It is timely and relevant while still being compulsively readable The story is structured with an alternating pre and post scandal timeline This format worked well in unraveling what it means to be complicit It doesn t sugar coat the conseuences or fallout At the same time the story implores you to resist reducing Chloe to a catch all meme and see her as a person While I don t have much empathy Buxbaum was able to humanize the characters even the parents It was beautifully balanced with heft and humorAs a parent of teenagers I appreciated that the story was told from the students perspective I loved watching Chloe s self awareness evolve In particular her realizations of privilege and not making excuses for her role in the scandal I ll be gently pressing this into the hands of my teenagers I love when a book can entertain and inform without being heavy handed Very timely subject but I REAAAALLLY hope this book doesn t try to make apologies for people who cheat on their college admissions because no A thought provoking story about privilege complicity and accepting responsibility Ripped from the headlines and loosely based on the recent college admission scandal Julie Buxbaum does a good Dictionnaire Franco-Schtroumpf : Schtroumpfez-vous français ? job of humanizing the story without making excuses As a Parent who has gone through the college admission process twice in a very competitive California environment I found the story to be telling compelling and relatable The public schools in California are extremely hard to get into if your child has a 40 or even a 44 it does not mean they are going to be a sure bet to get into any of the top colleges in the UC or CSU system And the same is true for the private schools It is a stressful time and as a parent you want to give your child every opportunity and when the college admission scandal news broke it was not shocking Unfortunate and definitely not right but not surprising The story is told from the perspective of high school senior Chloe Chloe appears to have everything she wants she got into the school of her dreams her boyfriend is the boy and she s been crushing on forever and she has one heck of a best friend Then one day The FBI shows up at the crack of dawn and everything changes It seems as though Chloe s mother a B list star has paid her way into college Now her mom might go toail her boyfriend has broke up with her and her best friend won t talk to her not to mention she is no longer going to that school of her dreams Sound familiar The story bounces back and forth in time before the scandal and after Chloe was a likable character who I really felt for She really got sucked up into her parents dreams and did not want to disappoint them In the book she was really kept in the dark about what did not want to disappoint them In the book she was really kept in the dark about what going on She did realize things weren t really adding up like how did she do so well On The SAT When the SAT when was certain she bombed it And my heart broke for her when she felt as though it was all her fault because her parents thought that she was too dumb to get into college This was something these parents clearly did not think about The person I felt the most for in the story was Isla Chloe s younger sister Isla was smart and studious and was definitely going to get into college on her own merit but the scandal will forever impact her as well I liked how the story unfolded I was definitely disappointed in some characters frustrated with others but very impressed with some as well Chloe did a lot of self reflecting and had a lot of growth throughout the story I am confident that she will rise from this and come out of it a better person I would love to see a follow up and see where Chloe and Isla are in a few yearsThis book in emojis Big thank you to Random House for my gifted copy of this book All opinions are my own Are you supposed to review your own book I don t know I m probably supposed to play it cool right But here s the thing I ve never learned how to play it cool I only know how to play it honest and a little too earnest So the unvarnished truth I love this book Also true I might be a bit biased I loved writing this book This is a hard fact And perhaps most of all I very much hope you love this book even half as much as I do Because if you did that would be very very cool I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis one was interesting for me being as though I ve ust recently gone through the college admissions process with my own daughter Ms Buxbaum obviously received inspiration from the recent admissions scandal that rocked the USA and flipped it in a YA fiction that probably has than a little basis in fact I don T NORMALLY DO YA I M A PRETTY BIG normally do YA I m a pretty big of romance and this was definitely a different read for me However I enjoyed it all the same the characters weren t all likeable and it felt real for it I was held in this interesting state of feeling sorry for the main character of Chloe while trying to figure if she was complicit in her ordealor ust privileged From the New York Times bestselling author of Tell Me Three Things comes an of the moment novel that peeks inside the private lives of the hypercompetitive and the hyperprivileged and takes on the college admissions bribery scandal that rocked the countryIt's good to be Chloe Wynn Berringer She's headed off to the college of her dreams She's going to prom with the boy she's had a crush on since middle school.
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