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This was the perfect little Filler Novella For The Six novella for the six of filming that Bailey and her cousin Charlotte were doing in New York City now that Bailey had agreed to do a cable show It picked up in March after the last Book Which Was Set At Christmas It which was set at Christmas It uick fun and very lighthearted and I really loved that it came from Charlotte s viewpoint This Time I Kind Of Forgot At Times That The time I kind of forgot at times that the was really her voice and could imagine Charlotte as she explored the city with her friends It s fairly obvious from the book cover that Jethro makes an appearance in this book Let s ust say that his usual antics happened and the film crew found out what it was like to chase a pig through Central ParkThe mystery was very easy and uick with a bit of a surprise to the culprit It a case of pranks on the set that they needed to solve instead of a murder this time since they really didn t have time for that in this time frame anyway I think I m going to continue on to the next book which seems to continue immediately after this novella ends It makes it easy to do that after reading the teaser chapter at the end of this You also get the recipe for Bailey s Easter egg baskets made from pretzels Readers could probably read this novella as a standalone but I would highly recommend getting caught up in the series to thoroughly appreciate this story It would ust lose something to some people if they didn t already kn. A taste for trouble      As if being in New York City for Easter isn’t exciting enough Charlotte Weaver has another reason to be thrilled She’s helping her cousin Bailey on the set of her first cable TV show Bailey’s Amish Sweets Bailey will even be re creating the delectable hand woven. .

Ow about Juliet Jethro and his his previous piggy escapades Fun and cuteI really enjoyed this novella It was fun being on the set of Bailey s Amish Sweets I really enjoyed the story being told from Charlotte s point of view that was new and different This is a lighthearted transition for Toxic Toffee Fun read Criminally Cocoa by Amanda Flower is a short novella in the Amish Candy Shop Mystery series This story focuses on Charlotte the assistant to the usual main character Bailey King a chocolatier The ladies have traveled into the city to film Bailey s cooking show but as the cameras begin to roll Charlotte notices things begin to happen that seem to be trying to make Bailey look bad or perhaps even hurt someoneI enjoy Amanda Flower s writing She does A Great Job Blending In The Amish great ob blending in the Amish and their customs with the English life Charlotte has not been baptized yet and is struggling with what she wants to do in her life As Charlotte participates in the television CRIMINALLY COCOA is a uick novella in the Amish Candy Shop Mystery series Bailey King is working at her grandparents Amish candy store Swissmen Sweets where she has ust left to start filming a new cable tv series called Bailey s Amish Sweets Her cousin Charlotte goes along with her to New York City to help Bailey out on set But when they start filming strange things begin happening and someone is trying to make Bailey fail Hang on my. Chocolate Easter baskets she once crafted for the city’s world famous JP Chocolates But once things start rolling Charlotte starts to notice odd things happening things that seem intended to make Bailey look bad   With Bailey feeling extra nervous about being on camera Charlotte decides to kee.

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Criminally Cocoa Amish Candy Shop Mystery #35Reading friends it s going TO BE A CRAZY BUT FUN be a crazy but fun COCOA is filled with twists and turns and I was instantly hooked and in everyone s business It is a very uick read and when the mystery of who was trying to take Bailey out was solved I was in shock I had no idea I really liked getting to know Charlotte better She is on rumspringa and this trip is giving her a chance to see the outside world as she decides whether or not to be baptized Amish She has a very rough time with New York City and all that is going on around her As usual Jethro the pig makes an appearance and pretty much steals the showCRIMINALLY COCOA is A WONDERFUL ADDITION TO THE PERFECT wonderful addition to the perfect cozy series All of the characters are very interesting and believable so much so that I felt as if I ve known them for a long time While Bailey isn t Amish her grandparents are and she has the same values they do As I was reading I could tell Amanda Flower had done her research as it is the best cozy I have read in a very long time There are plenty of suspects the action is face paced and there are many surprises I can t wait to read the next book in the series Toxic Toffee to see what happens Amanda Flower sure knows how to pull at her readers heart strings and I m so excited to continue this seriesI received a complimentary copy of this book from Kensington Books through Netgalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my ow. P her suspicion of sabotage to herself But she knows that among Bailey’s fans at the Gourmet Television network lurks a dangerously ealous rival Now Charlotte will have to find out who that person is before sour grapes turns one of the sweetest times of the year fatally bitter   Recipe Includ. .
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