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The FlatshareThis book is now a Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for romance and it

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also MY Goodreads Choice romance meaning this is very good and I enjoyed reading it and also Goodreads was involved When I first read the synopsis of this book I thought I think I ll like this very muchThen I read a little bit of it and thought Actually I o not think this is going to go very well In fact I think this is going to go rather badly Then I finished it and thought As I said and as I a liar always believed I would I liked this very muchWhen I saw this book about two people who Anatomie tête et cou en odontostomatologie don t know each other who share a flat one has it in theay and one at night and that they communicate via Post It notes until they inevitably fall in love I believe it is impossible to conduct epistolary interactions with someone over a long period of time and not fall in love with them I believed this would be light and fluffy and adorable and just what I neededThis was not very light Nor was it very fluffy Actually it was very stressful and angsty and emotional But it was what I neededThis is a very heartfelt and well Orthodontie linguale done story about supportive love and people healing from abuse and trauma and just all around characterevelopment joy But a lot of suffering before we get to the joy partIt is just so very good SO much better than I expectedBottom line LIKE I SAID MY GOODREADS CHOICE pre reviewall right i admit it i m swooningreview to come 4 stars i m a simple girl i read a scary book then i immediately read a rom com to soothe my cowardly soul 4 Adorable Left Me Feeling Content Stars for Beth O Leary s The FlatshareThis book worked its way into my heart with its slow burn romance and I m usually not a slow burn fan adorable post it notes I LOVED reading the back forth notes fierce uirky hilariously inappropriate friends everyone needs a Tribe like this in their life subtle yet frank look at emotionalpsychological abuse totally unexpected but handled appropriately for this type of readThere is unexpected L'occlusion tout simplement depth and so much heart in this sweet little book I had oneay to read it before having to return it to the library and was worried I wouldn t be able to o it It says a lot about the book s pull that I managed to finish it in a couple hours in 1 sitting now available in both hardback and eBook format in the UK IrelandYasssssss Oh I have been waiting for a book like this one to come along FOR YEARS The Flatshare is exactly what I want from a romantic comedydramedy type book It s got hugely likeable protagonists in the form of Tiffy and Leon a highly original setup for the meeting of these two #Characters A Cast Of Interesting # a cast of interesting characters and side storylines but most of all It feels fresh Hallelujah for that I have found myself getting so jaded when it comes to this genre of book but this one is a veritable iamond in the rough The Flatshare Vertical and Horizontal Ridge Augmentation : New Perspectives does not feel like so many of the countless romantic comedydramedy books I ve read throughout the yearsThe setup for this book is a bit bonkers but it really works Tiffy and Leon are flatmates with a twist They share a bed But Leon is in the flat onlyuring the L'entreprise cabinet dentaire : Création, association, cession et difficultés, aspects juridiques et déontologiuqes day as he works night shifts Whereas Tiffy is in the flat at nights and on the weekends Their lives are so separate that they haven t even met I mean we know where this is going right BUT THE JOURNEY IS FABULOUS Tiffy and Leon start leaving generic post it notes for each other around the flat regarding things such as binay leftover food etc but these notes gradually evolve into a eeper intimacy and the two find themselves wondering a lot about the other person and if maybe there is a significant connection The pacing is perfect btw I thought the book might have the error of using the notes as the sole point of contact between the two leads for too long but the author got it spot on with how she kept building upon their author got it spot on with how she kept building upon their relationship Tiffy is the traditional uirky type of leading lady that we so often get in these books BUT because of the great writing and the fact that she has a fabulous backstory and is a character laden with genuine feelings an. Tiffy and Leon share an apartment Tiffy and Leon have never metAfter a bad breakup Tiffy Moore needs a place to live Fast And cheap But the apartments in her budget have her wondering if astonishingly colored mold on the walls counts as artDesperation makes her open minded so she answers an ad for a flatshare Leon a night shift worker will take the apart.

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Njoy the story that much i love how #this radiated british humour its so understated undervalued # radiated british humour "Its So Understated Undervalued And "so understated undervalued and thought leon was hilarious both characters are charming and i thought tiffy went through an amazing character evelopment for being a light and fluffy book there are some uite serious topics Anatomie dentaire: POD discussed in this mainly emotional abuse and manipulation but i thought it was handled really well in a way that was loyal and realistic to the characters and story overall im very much impressed with thisebut novel and i think its safe to say beth o leary is an author to keep an eye on 35 stars Three Pharmacologie et thérapeutique en médecine bucco-dentaire et chirurgie-orale dull unsatisfied stars gave my shiny place in the minority among the readers who gave so much stars to this one I mostly like chic lit books especially written by Irish and British writers I like Marian Keyes books which shouldn t beefined as soft chic lit ones because of the characters heavy baggages and emotional problems alcoholism Orthopédie et orthodontie à l'usage du chirurgien-dentiste : Tome 2, Les encombrements et la décision d'extraction denial theead of loved ones abuse victimsOn this book our heroine Tiffi suffers from emotional abuse and with flashbacks of her relationship she starts to realize she was gaslighted by her ex s manipulative lies But the way of storytelling about the heroine s trauma wasn t strong enough it Prévention et gestion du risque contentieux en odontologie didn t make me feel sorry for her I found her emotional turmoil a little superficial and unreliableAnd of course Iidn t like our hero so much I found him a little indecisive passive boring At the end as soon as he thought he was rejected by heroine he just gave up and he never showed how he felt about her He never wanted to meet her at first because he had issues about changing things in his life which is ridiculous excuse then as soon as he Prescrire en odontologie discovered she had a great body he asked for aate The things I liked most are hero and heroine s communication way with post itsAnd supporting characters Richie and Rachel they Atlas de poche de radiologie dentaire deserve their own bookMaybe I read too many angsty books lately so I increased my pain level and this book was too soft painless and a little boring for me This was boring and I justidn t feel the chemistry so just pretty Traiter l'édenté total tout simplement disappointing I ll elaborate in a recent reads video And here you are book going on my favourites list This was a pleasant surprise in the best way possible I knew that I would enjoy it but I fell in love instead It s a uiet heartwarming story that follows Tiffy and Leon Both have agreed on an unusual arrangement between themselves and are sharing not only a flat but a bed together But theyon t see each other Tiffy has the apartment to herself in the evenings and when she s off to work that s when Leon comes home During this arrangement they exchange very simple ordinary notes that are left around the apartment and slowly their LIVES STARTS TO INTERTWINE WITHOUT THEM MEANING TO I starts to intertwine without them meaning to I expecting something fluffy and cute and whilst those elements were there the underlying tone of the story was a lot serious They re Les facettes en céramiques dealing with their ownemons and struggles and are on survival mode till that fails them It all felt very realistic and honest and true to real life I just loved everything about this story the format it was told in the alternate POVs how well we got to know the characters and how much it meant to me to see them succeed It was uirky clever and Tiffy and Leon s personalities shined through the writing I was in their world whilst reading and wanted to be a part of their world I m already missing these characters I know I won t forget them anytime soon It s amazing that this is a Amalgames dentaires debut novel I need of Beth O Leary s stories in my life I ve got 3ays to read this before I have to return it to the library self made Challenge accepted Re read 8519 Y all I still love this SO DAMN MUCH The characters in this book are some of my favorite characters of all time Tiffy is so strong and complex and goofy and Leon is so soft and caring but also serious and MY HEART IS SO FULL Brb while I swoon from here to eternity I m gonna love this book forever Original read 52619 I loved this I loved this I loved this I LOVED THIS Oh my god I loved this TW gaslighting emotional abuse stalkin. Ould stay up or own Even though they are opposites they soon become friends And then maybe But falling in love with your roommate is probably a terrible ideaespecially if you've never metWhat if your roommate is your soul mate A joyful uirky romantic comedy Beth O'Leary's The Flatshare is a feel good novel about finding love in the most unexpected of wa. D emotions her uirkiness feels authentic to who she is as a person And who she is is also incredibly relatable She s got a wonderfully who she is is also incredibly relatable She s got a wonderfully uality about her and is fabulously ynamic in that at times she s spunky but others is vulnerable and weak Leon bless him is just lovely He s so uiet but filled with lots of hidden emotions The backstory regarding his mum and his brother and how that translates to his chosen career is uite touching to read about So what I really wasn t expecting is that this story is far emotional than I ever thought possible from a light read This is because it Homéopathie clinique pour le chirurgien-dentiste deals with some heavy issues regardingestructive and controlling relationships all of which I thought were handled in uite an appropriate fashion for such an accessible easy read And what happily contrasted with that emotional side of the book were a great number of humorous moments I laughed out loud FREUENTLY at the fabulous jokes and witty Le dysfonctionnement cranio-mandibulaire: Comment le diagnostiquer et le traiter? dialogue between the characters FYI for those of us who enjoy that sort of thing there are some fabulous patriarchy bashing jokes in the book that are absolute gems If you re a fan of romantic comedies and romanticramadies then this book is Le conseil à l'officine dans la poche definitely one you should pick up when it s published in April 2019 An e copy of this book was kindly provided to me by the publisher uercus via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I couldn t be surprised that I actually enjoyed this book A romance Who am ITiffy has just gone through a messy break up she has very little money andesperately needs to find somewhere to live Leon is paying costs for his brother and could La pharmacologie pour le BP do with some extra cash They strike aeal share a flat and even a bed but they will never be there at the same time Leon works night shifts so he will have the flat Pharmacologie cardiovasculaire et respiratoire during theay while Tiffy works 9 5 and she ll have it at night Tiffy and Leon communicate mainly through post it notes and shared leftovers As you S'entrainer aux exercices: Préparation de l'internat de pharmacie (2021) d expect they eventually meet andot Relativité générale dototHonestly it was adorable It was realistic Tiffy and Leon are wonderful and vibrant characters and I cheered them on all the way Despite the many problems and obstacles they overcame 4 stars It s weird how easily you can get to know someone from the traces they leave behind The best kinds of books are those that surprise you with their perfection I was expecting this to be a cutesy light hearted read It was and it wasn t The characters were complex than I had anticipated and so was the plot Tiffy is Le miel dans votre pharmacie desperate for a place to live and Leon is short on cash They come to an odd arrangement They will share not only a flat but the same bed Leon has the flat for theay until he starts his shift at the hospital and Tiffy gets it at night But the strangest part of the arrangement is that they never meet What starts as leaving a note to remember to leave the toilet seat Ordonnances : Analyses de pathologies courantes à l'officine down turns into a correspondence between friends Both have their own life problems toeal with and it was so beautiful to see how they supported and helped one another A book with a written correspondence between the main characters are one of my favourite kinds Be it email or letter or text I just love seeing how two people can form a bond withought having seen each other Leon s chapters were very Vidal : Le dictionnaire different in style The sentences were shorter andirect and I liked how they conveyed his way of thinking The two POV s were Le conseil associé : Tome 2, A une demande spontanée distinct and I loved how you could clearly tell them apart While this style of writing probably isn t everyone s cup of tea I enjoyed the hell out of it I am so glad I read this It is being added to my favourites list and I willefinitely give it a reread I can t wait to see what else Beth O leary has in store for us TW EMOTIONAL ABUSE EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION STALKINGPre weekend buddy read with my gal Warda this story really grew on me in the best way possible i guess its with my gal Warda this story really grew on me in the best way possible i guess its grew on me in the best way possible i guess its they say that opposites attract because a couple of things that would normally be off putting to me as a reader tiffy being stereotypically uirky and the odd writingformatting of leons chapters turned out to be very endearing and made me Ment Commentaires techniques écrits during theay and Tiffy can have it nights and weekends He’ll only ever be there when she’s at the office In fact they’ll never even have to meetTiffy and Leon start writing each other notes – first about what Problèmes de physique commentés - Tome 2 - 3ème édition - DEUG, 2e année day is garbageay and politely establishing what leftovers are up for grabs and the evergreen uestion of whether the toilet seat sh. ,