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Just a Little Critter CollectionOugh Even won a My Favori MY LITTLE BOY GOT THIS BOOK little boy got this book his second Christmas He was exactly one year six weeks and one day old at the time He didn t really get the humor then He is now four years and four months old He gets the humor now In fact some of these pages send him into fits of giggles that last so long that I have to stop reading I m OK with thatFor the past month my son has been at an I ll do it stage That stage is curiously close to Little Critter s Just for You stage and the All By Myself stage My son recognizes this and the look on The Mommy S Face And That S Why These Stories mommy s face and that s why these stories him into paroxysms of laughter this stories him into paroxysms of laughter This has seven Little Critter stories all of which capture a preschooler perfectly and all of which I remember reading Little Critter is iconic When I saw him again as a children s librarian many years after having read his stories as a child it was like catching up with an old friend I m just not saying how old that friend is It doesn t matter now he is a new friend for my little boy I love this little guy He s cute and fun to rea. Hardcover collection is a wonderful way to introduce Mercer Mayer’s beloved tales of growing up to a whole new generation.

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MadAll by MyselfJust Go to BedJust a MessI Just ForgotThis is a great way to get some of these FABULOUS STORIES MY SISTERS AND I HAD A BUNCH stories My sisters and I had a bunch the individual books when we were ids Now my nephews have this collection The other night I sat and read two of the stories to the boys before they went to bed then I sat and read the rest of the collection uick read but a wonderful flashback into my childhood Synopsis Celebrate 30 years of Little Critter with seven classic stories in one book This 176 page hardcover collection is a wonderful way to introduce Mercer Mayer s beloved tales of growing up to a whole new generationMy Review All the best critter books combined into one both my Critter books combined into one Both my and I loved Critter when we were ids and are now enjoying sharing them with our Munchkin T A collection of classic Just Little Critter stories Ones that span all time by having the child s perspective in the words the parent perspective in the pictures and ending in bedtime I added this because it felt like cheating to add each Little Critter book separately I did read them all th. Ritter® story; Just Go to Bed; All by I Was So Mad; When I Get Bigger; Just a Mess; and I Just Forgot This page. ,
This book is a wonderful collection of Mercer Mayer stories It includes seven excellent books They are easy reads and great for a primary classroom I would also use this bookcollection as a teaching aid for a study of authors These books are easy to read but definitely worth having in the classroom We owned a bunch of these when I was little and I realized that I didn t own any for my own ids So last year I asked my parents for a good collection or two of Little Critter booksThis one contains Just for YouWhen I Get BiggerI Was So MadAll by myselfjust go to bedjust a messi just MyselfJust Go to #BedJust a MessI Just re delightful and my boys love them My 6 #a MessI Just re delightful and my boys love them My 6 old will sit down and read them all over and over I think it s great that he can read them by himself and he thinks it s great because they re funny and cute and have little nuggets to find in the pictures Overall great books for ids You ll love them as an adult too Had this read to me by my six year old Gotta love some Little Critter This great introduction into Little Critter Collection containsJust for YouWhen I get BiggerI Was so. Celebrate 40 Years Celebrate 40 years Little Critter® with seven classic stories in one book including Just for You the very first Little .