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Every morning I look in the mirror see darkness where my face "should Is there any greater freedom than that writes Garcia In this "be Is there any greater freedom than that writes Garcia In this set of short set pieces a visitor tours Berlin and tells the story of many WW2history torn characters Will this visitor be eleased from the past or will this person join those who can t get away from a world of pain I enjoyed this work although sometimes the pain felt to Nueva historia de la España contemporánea (1808-2018) (Ensayo) (Spanish Edition) real but that s the point Childhood is a city you never leaveMiddle aged San Franciscan woman of Cuban origin moves to Berlin to look for stories There is no shortage Plenty of history provides a largeeservoir of storiesHer own life gives the framework her second marriage just failed her Chronique de l'humanité relationship with her mother is broken beyondepair that with her daughter is on pause After a lonely beginning she starts talking to people She never talks about herself in first person only as the visitor Most of the stories however are told in first person by the interviewees Some narrators and characters show up in supporting PETITE CHRONOLOGIE DE L'HISTOIRE DE FRANCE roles in other stories That makes much sense since they all must have moved in the author s social circles Assuming the stories areeal life stories If they are not they are well invented The stories are of an autobiographical nature people mostly elderly ones talking about their lives All stories are very short That creates an impression of a large mosaic consisting of small tilesWhom do we meet War time zoo keeper Cuban pow on German U Boot Jewish woman hiding in sarcophagus Legal defender post war of nazi criminals Stasi officer Nurse at the Eastern Front GDR cultural official with hilarious failure Nazi sex club Operator Angolan Eye Surgeon Little Angolan eye surgeon Little meets Oskar Matzerath Captain of a fatally torpedoed holiday ship Eva Braun Doppelg nger Grand daughter of Spanish SS soldier Lesbian tango dancer Vietnamese Kiosk owner Former photographer with amnesia Dealer of Cuban antiues Linguistic anthropologist Woman born in Lebensborn Former Air Force pilot sells shoes to Max Schmeling Kiosk owner at central station Hunter of nazi criminals Nazi criminal Primaballerina with limp Russian. Here in Berlin is portrait of a city through snapshots an excavation of the stories and ghosts of contemporary Berlin; its complex troubled past still pulsing in the air as it was during the years of World War II Critically acclaimed novelist Cristina Garcia brings the people of this famed city alive their stories bristling with Chronologie : Comment la France a-t-elle géré la crise sanitaire ? regret desire and longingAn unnamed Visitor travels to Berlin with a camera looking foreckonings of her own The city itself is a character vibrant and post apocalyptic flat and featureless except for Kids abducted for adoption Sachsenhausen guard s daughter Unemployed 29y old living with grandmother Homeless KZ
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Nazi movie with mirror fetish Cuban volcanologist Russian female soldier couple stayed on in East Berlin with baby Ex Stasi punk ocker Admirer of Red Army General Cuban musician unhappily married to divorce lawyer Philharmonic clarinetistIs this a novel as the title page claims Hardly It is a strong collection of moving tragic absurd epulsive or sometimes humorous stories within a slender frame Towards is a strong collection of moving tragic absurd Introducing Time: A Graphic Guide repulsive or sometimes humorous stories within a slender frame Towards end the visitor feels overwhelmed by all the war and destruction that her conversations have fed her She uits after less than a year An impressive panorama of Berlin and its history As an international observer she finds international tentacles unavoidably Relations to Cuba come up freuently unsurprisinglyAn excellent bookBut the bread is called Vollkornbrot not Volkenbrot There is the air of documentary about the format of this novel which is a compilation of 35 imaginary interviews elicited by a Visitor to Berlin who wanders the city to plumb its depths by speaking to itsesidents Berlin is the kind of place where almost everyone has a story to tell and therein lies the sense that this might all be trueThe unnamed Visitor is Cuban American and the one uirk of these interviews is the egular appearance of Berliners with Cuban connections products of the time when East Germany and Cuba were both prized client states of the Soviet Union In "many ways this angle is the most interesting and unexpected part of the novel probably because the perilous history "ways this angle is the most interesting and unexpected part of the novel probably because the perilous history 20th century Berlin has been otherwise so well documented Among the narratives there are former Nazis former Stasi agents and elderly women who had been aped by Russian soldiers but they pretty much had to be part of the story The thirty five stories are jewel like beautifully written and captivating Yet they are so short that as I moved uickly from one to another I felt that I was giving them short shrift in the process I wished to hold on than a few minutes to each member of this eclectic cast As they flash by we have a fleetin. Ts Bescherelle Chronologie de l'histoire des religions : de la Préhistoire à nos jours (Chronologies) rivers its lakes its legions of bicyclists Here in Berlin she encounters a people's history the Cuban teen taken as a POW on a German submarine for five months only toeturn home to a family who doesn't believe him; the young Jewish scholar whose husband hides her in a sarcophagus until he can find them safe passage to England; the female lawyer haunted by a childhood of deprivation in the bombed out suburbs of Berlin who still defends those accused of war crimes setting personal guilt against the larger flow of history; a
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G view of the ghosts that haunt individual Berliners survivors of a peculiar history The distinctive voices are occasionally linked an eye doctor for example is eferenced by several patients for these story tellers are all elderly One diminutive inmate of an insane asylum tells of being matched up with one Oskar Matzerath who was also dwarfish and the owner of a set of drums Readers of G nter Grass will ecognize the appearance of the fictional character from The Tin Drum It was a marvelous and even funny momentI "Believe It Would Be "it would be to ead this book than to listen as I did to the audio version I think it impaired my experience that the movement between interviews was occasionally confusing I understand that intermittent chapters about the Visitor our interviewer were in italics and that visual cue would have been helpful In addition the narrator of the audio while generally effective simply butchered much of the German Oddly she seemed to have eceived pronunciation direction on occasional phrases but not on most othersUltimately I found the format not entirely satisfying It seems like a compilation of too many short short stories There is no arguing that Cristina Garcia is gifted with exceptional ability to craft a sentence A delightful meandering and novel book Christina Garcia has produced a compelling novel made up from a patchwork of mainly Berlin based stories observed by an unnamed visitor that are somewhat intertwined yet separate Reflecting on the personal stories of Berliners from Cuban migrants to the Stasi and the Nazis she has produced an unlikely composition stories of Berliners from Cuban migrants to the Stasi and the Nazis she has produced an unlikely composition semi fictional short biographies that show the varied population and the upheavals of Berlin s ecent history It took a little while to get into this but once in I was hooked Thanks to Edelweiss for the L'ABCdaire des rois de France review copy I was not obliged to write a favourableeview I have enjoyed the work of Cristina Garcia since I Bescherelle Chronologie de l'histoire des sciences : des origines à nos jours (Chronologies) read her Dreaming in Cuban for the first time when she first published it Chock full of the Latina brand of magicalealism that I enjoy I went on to ead Garcia s subseuent books most notably The Aguero Sisters When I saw. Oung nurse with a checkered past who joins the Reich on the Russian front at a medical facility intent to dispense with the wounded than to heal them; and the son of a zookeeper at The Berlin Zoo fighting to keep the animals safe from both war and an increasingly starving populaceA meditation on war and mystery in the spirit of Christopher Isherwood and Robert Walser's classic Berlin Stories this an exciting new work by one of our most gifted novelists one that seeks to align the stories of the past with the stories of the futur.

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