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"6 stars i "
Stars I this book as ARC from the author but I am 100% honest regardless of the fact While I mostly enjoy YA Romance sometimes I read New Adult and when I was contacted by the author to read Revenge I was nervous It was branded as an Erotica Novella which I can see but it really was just a New Adult non erotica branded Novella as the characters were only sophos in college rather than later 20 s or above New Adult normally has an abundance of sexually explicit scenes with College Aged Characters Story aged characters Story I was initially intrigued but as the story progressed I wasn t into it It was very stereotypical Girl has a wasn t into it It was very stereotypical Girl has a boyfriend Girl sleeps with a really hot uy who she has a past with sexy things happen and then bam A thing that seems to happen in all New Adult books happens and I CAN T STAND IT I would say it but I don t want to spoil it the book isn t out at the time of me reviewing but let s just say it would definitely push a young college. Ng she’s never done before has a one night standHunter watched Mitch treat Summer like crap for months so he was relieved when they broke up for ood Even better was when she. .
I have read a lot of stepbrother books I uess you could say I am almost jaded when it comes to the Et le monde devint silencieux genre When I was asked to read this book and with it being a new book I admit Iot a little excited hoping this one might be different I am so Les apprentis sorciers de l'azote: La face cachée des engrais chimiques glad I took the chance This book left me with that warm happy feelingI loved the heroine she was such a sweetirl dealing with a bad breakup with her jerk of a boyfriend Our hero Hunter sigh who wouldn t love this Electroculture guy He swept in when she needed help and the chemistry between the two exploded into a night they would not forget Then when it all blows up and they find out they are steps the real struggle beginsI can definitely say I cheered for these two throughout the book Yes theyet their HEA which always makes me a happy reader wink wink but I connected with these two and that just makes the story so much better EM is a new author but this lady tells a story like she is a seasoned pro I am so happy that she shared this story with me and I will be impatiently. On the heels of a horrific break up Summer is looking forward to having a couple home to lick her wounds After a run in with her ex leaves her she to lick her wounds After a run in with her ex leaves her reeling she somethi. Revenge by E.M. Denning

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Kid s life off track and was Of course it was a joyous occasion and reunited the lovely couple image error ARC iven exchange for a reviewWhat happens in college rightLoved this one I m not a huge reader of romance and less so the no holds barred heat level 27829229 stuff no holds barred heat level 27829229 stuff REVENGE blew my expectations out of the water Summer is a whip smart heroine Hunter is a reat hook up For readers who like steaming up their Kindle screens as well as fans of tight writing with a bit of punch REVENGE is a nice bite sized slice of bedroom action Can t wait to et a taste of of What This Author Has To this author has to BIG SPOILERSview spoilerI wish I d known that this was onna be a story about two idiots who somehow managed to Le sacre de la terre get to college without learning to always use a condom I mean it wasn t even just the once they didn t use one It was multiple times Then when the inevitable happens the heroine tells her ex boyfriend at a party that she s pregnant BEFORE telling the hero Then when the hero overhears Invited him to her dorm room the night before they left campus for the summerThe morning after comes with a surprise neither of them saw coming Summer has a new stepbrotherHunte.

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