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The puzzle together But a moment of doubt sets a certain ball rolling Will has to rely on someone he didn t expected to In the end it was a choice that made all the differenceThis one was a definite winner for me I ve already started Fractured Loving it so far I will start by saying that Karin Slaughter is a pretty darn good thriller writerI will follow that by saying she goes to some pretty dark and disturbing places I almost feel bad enjoying her stories as much as I do But that is the dark and disturbing places I almost feel bad enjoying her stories as much as I do But that is the with a good escape it often takes you places you may not normally be comfortable going You know pushing the limits can be uite a rideWith TRIPTYCH SLAUGHTER STARTS A NEW SERIES Slaughter starts a new series protagonist Will Trent He is a very interesting character that I am glad to know I am not done with yet He was fleshed out so well that I want to know and see him in action And in addition to Will being an interesting character all the characters from this book are wonderfully flawed Whether their flaws make them tragic heroes or twisted maniacs they are all fun to read about I love the way she introduces each of them and then fills the reader in with their back stories one backstory went on for so long I started to forget about the main story but that was ust fine And none of the characters are plain vanilla or cookie cutter all are uniue like nothing I have read beforeBack to my comment about pushing the limits I love her writing and her books but Slaughter always goes almost too far with her plot devices Some readers may be put off by this So if you do not like your crime novels gory and your sexual situations kind of twisted this may not be the book for you But I will say that even though she gets pretty extreme it always feels like it fits I don t get this feeling like she forced a scenario in for shock value That to me is a sign of a great writerIf you give it a shot I think you will be enthralled But don t say I didn t warn you Three canvases hinged together to make one image when it was open another image when it was closed Three perspectives Three different versions of the same event When brought together they paint a picture of one sick sadistic and dangerous individual When a homicide detective is called to the scene of a brutal murder he reflects on his own life A newly released convicted sex offender and murderer struggles to assimilate A vice cop is haunted by her past All three perspectives are put together by Will Trent revealing an entirely different point of view on a serial killer who is about to strike one last timeThe narrative is divided into three main parts Part I is narrated by Detective Michael Ormewood Part II by John Shelley and Part III Is Split Between Will is split between Will and Angie Polaski It s not until 40% in that the reader is introduced to Will POV I was expecting Will to have a bigger voice but he stays uietly in the background until it s time to strike I started this series by reading book number 8 so I was familiar with Will and Angie s characters However reading this first installment made me regret starting this series in the middle as I went into this book with some preconceived notions about Angie and Triptych A three panel painting or photograph Generally a large center panel with a hinged smaller panel on either side The three panels combined may display one larger view three different views of the same subject or three related subjects The casual observation will enjoy the three panel experience Intellectual observers will contemplate weather the three views together offer a larger spectrum of it s subject It s the curious observer that sees the hinges. I a beautiful vice cop who was once Michael's lover before she became his enemyBut another player has entered the game a loser ex con who has stumbled upon the killer's trail in the most coincidental of ways someone who may be the key to breaking the case wide op. .

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TriptychTriptych by Karin Slaughter is a 2006 Delacorte Press publication I have read other books by this author but somehow I never got around to the Will Trent series With a new installment slated for release this month I decided to try playing catch up which shouldn t be too hard with only seven to read after this one So first up is Triptych originally published in 2006 This story introduces us to Will Trent a Georgia Bureau of Investigation specialist who arrives in Atlanta after a string of murders involving teenage girls catches his attention The case reunites Will with his best friend during childhood and former lover Angie Polanski a vice cop with a plethora of intimacy issues that constantly drives the couple apart As Will and Angie navigate the treacherous waters of race and wealth amid the troublesome rumors surrounding one of the officers close to case they unwittingly discover a link from the past involving the murder of another teenager The connection they uncover is explosive but soon becomes a matter of life and death when another girl goes missing Well I certainly understand why this series is so well received The author does an amazing Atlas de mineralogie et petrographie job of developing the characters building suspense and adding in uncomfortable issues that might make you suirm a little These issues add layers of conflict and controversy to the already complicated murder investigation The beginning of the book can be a little uneven at times because the set up involves the introduction of several storylines and timelines going on all at once But it s not long before the threads begin to connect and it all starts to make sense Somewhere around the midway mark I became immersed in the story so completely I didn t want to move not even for a bathroom break The story is dark graphic gritty and disturbing but also challenging and thought provoking and isust the type of thriller I enjoy most Overall this first book in the series has roped me in and waiting impatiently in line at the library for the next book in the series 4 stars 4 Stars OMG that beginning was AMAZINGIt literally knocked me off my feet I had to go back and read it all over again I thought I d missed somethingSadly for such a kickass beginning the rest of the book was predictable I m aware thought I d missed somethingSadly for such a kickass beginning the rest of the book was predictable I m aware keeping the reader in the dark wasn t the author s intention but still I National Geographic Atlas of the World, 11th Edition just think the story would have been much engaging if we the author hadn t revealed the killer s identitiy so early onI really liked the story overall and I will definitely continue reading the series because Will Really glad I finally started the Will Trent seriesHaving finished the Grant County series this year I was looking forward to read this book I am not disappointed it was really good Iust love how Slaughter always manage to get me enthralled by her stories attached to Her Broken Characters And Surprised broken characters and surprised her nice twists She did it again45 Wow Thanks Goodreads friends for recommending this fine mystery Will Trent is my new favorite Sorry Jackson Brodie A shout out to PiirateSteve who wrote a very nice poem about the 3rd book in the series which sent me on a uest for the firstI enjoyed this even than the first time as I was in me on a uest for the firstI enjoyed this even than the first time as I was in all Slaughter s slight of hand She left so many clues so many bread crumbs along the way but I was too obtuse to pick them up Tricky tricky writer 35 StarsThe beginning of this book was absolutely brilliant It s hard to explain without ruining it for someone who hasn t read it yet but the way Slaughter set the tone and your beliefs regarding certain characters and then turned them on their heads was seriously awesome. In the city of Atlanta women are dying at the hands of a killer who signs his work with a single chilling act of mutilation Leaving behind enough evidence to fuel a frenzied police hunt this cunning madman is bringing together dozens of lives crossing the boundar. I have never read a book where the author managed that in uite that way This was my first Karin Slaughter book It was excellently written and the story very layered It stalled a little bit for me toward the middle mark thus my rating but I still enjoyed it a lot Will is a VERY interesting character So was Angie although I spent the majority of the book wanting to punch her upside her damned head She and Will are damaged with a capital D I m curious to see where this series and their story goes so I will definitely be checking out the next one Wow I only wish I could give this book Triptych 6 stars as in my opinion this is one hell of a story and definitely my "TYPE OF THIS WAS ANOTHER FIRST FOR ME IT " of This was another first for me It my first crime thriller and my first book by Karin Slaughter Is Triptych a book I would have picked out for myself Probably not but that is the beauty of Goodreads For the last few weeks I have been following by sweet friend Mo s status updates and review s for this series and kept toying with the thought of picking this one up and National Geographic New Zealand Classic Map jumping into the series I worried that it would be too shocking and hideous a story that wouldn t appeal to me There were moments that were rather shocking and hideous but I uickly found myself unable to turn away from the story the mystery and the characters I am hooked I will be making my way through this series There is a peculiarity about Will Trent that has me intrigued I need to know about this guy and Triptych isust the beginningThe setting is Atlanta Georgia When the book starts out we are hit with a gruesome murder of a hooker The writing of *THE SCENE WAS SO VIVID AND SHOCKING THE PLATFORM *scene was so vivid and shocking The platform been set A few characters had been introduced and the mystery begins As each character is introduced and their personal stories start to unfold I struggled with keeping my emotions and reaction towards them in check With the investigation of the most recent murder underway there are certain things that link it to past attacks and murders We are introduced to a character John Shelley whose life was stripped away from him at a young age convicted of one of these past murders He is finally given his freedom back only to be faced with the fear of someone toying with that freedom When the Atlanta police department sets out to find the person who committed this horrid crime different angles are pursued and nothing is clear cut Michael Ormewood was the lead investigator and was rather combative at every turn but he had earned his rank and he would do his ob He is paired with Leo an older detective and he was that buffer and the one that smoothed out Michael s wrinklesBut there was some crazy shit going on People had been murdered a young girl has gone missing and there WAS SOME GUY OUT THERE THAT HAS TO BE some guy out there that has to be The pieces of the puzzle were not coming together uick enough He had to be found Angie Polaski was a vice cop who was also working the case She was someone difficult to figure out She was rough lived life hard and did her ob well She shared a past with two men and was engaging in a relationship with another man This was typical of Angie She was like a Triptych A canvas that appeared one way on the outside but different on the inside Her life was about to implode Tangled within this mystery is the man that has me intrigued Will Trent Early on in the story we learn of his past his relationships and his affliction His determination and his inuisitiveness is what sets him aside as a Special Agent It also gets him into trouble Will has this sixth sense with things and decides to check into a lead that starts to put the pieces of. Ies of wealth and race And the people who are chasing him must cross those boundaries too Among them is Michael Ormewood a veteran detective whose marriage is hanging by a thread and whose arrogance and explosive temper are threatening his career And Angie Polask.

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