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Dick Francis former steeplechase jockey turned thriller writer has lways been one of my favorite reads I started devouring his books in the 60s Le pays d'Auge Ornais and have read everyone since then 43 inll ANNEES ROCK EN HAUTE NORMANDIE 1958-1968 and own most of them Theyre like old friends whom I visit from time to time I was stricken by his death in 2010 but glad to know that his son Felix who had collaborated with him on his last four books was taking up the reins or

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to continue father s legacy You know Roches et minéraux de Normandie (Guides-couleurs) a Francis hero will be strong compassionatend Caen - Exmes à pied a d Felix Francis has now picked up the writing mantle of his fathernd his mother Apparently Les Couleurs du Calvados as his motherssisted his father in writing the novels Felix Le Parler de Normandie assisted his fatherfter his mother s death GAMBLE is the first book that bears only Felix s nameI Dictionnaire du français régional de basse-normandie am pretty certain that I have readll the mysteries that Dick Francis Evreux 2000 le petit fute (reserve hypers) and family have written The books have likable heroes who have connection to horse racing in some capacity or La Normandie : De l'Occupation à la Libération another That gives theuthors the opportunity to create world in each book that they know intimately They know it so well that "The World Of Thoroughbreds And "world of thoroughbreds nd humans who take care of them becomes real to readers who know NV GUIDE PLAGES DEBARQ NORMAND absolutely nothingbout the Guide des musées du débarquement et de la campagne de Normandie animals or the gambling thatrises from the swiftness of their four feet The closest I come to the racing world Sentier des douaniers en Normandie and horses is watching the Kentucky Derby each year with my niecend her daughters The girls Carte marine : Courants des marées, Manche arrive wearing fancy dressesnd hats for our ladies lunch Le Mont St-Michel - Anglais and tea party Generally by the time the race starts theyre bored La basse-normandie et son tourisme and have moved on to other thingsPerhaps it is because I know so littlebout the world of Dick Francis GV (ALL) NORMANDIE and his family that I enjoy the books so much There islways mayhem Normandie (Les Guides verts Michelin) and threatsnd the hero generally gets beaten by thugs by the middle of the book There is usually understated romance between the hero Soldats en Normandie : Les Américains : Juin - août 1944 and woman who is GUIDES NATURALISTES DES COTES DE FRANCE. Tome 6, Le Golfe de Gascogne also part of the racing world but inll the books far Le Pays Basque d'antan attention is payed to horse flesh than to the human varietyFrancis found the key that prevents his books from becoming stale A jockey who rode exclusively for the ueen Mother for number of years he was fascinated by the occupations held by people outside the racing world His protagonists include Label Rando Pays basque a George Clooney levelctor Dictionnaire du Pays Basque a glassblowern Recettes des sept provinces du Pays basque : Zazpiak-Bat architectn inventor of toys Pays Basque. : Pyrénées-Atlantiques a meteorologistnd Le Pays Basque... à pied : 18 promenades randonnées, Pyrénées atlantiques a chef The research into the careers of the heroes is meticulous so the reader learnsbout interesting occupations Pays basque (ancienne édition) and professionsnd horses Voyage au Pays Basque and horse racing while enjoying good mystery tooThe latest book GAMBLE is written by Felix Francis Escales en Pays Basque : Itzuli bat euskalherrian al. Felix Francis co wrote several horse racing mysteries with his late father Dick Francis before the legendaryuthor passed Randonnées à pied : Du Mont Perdu au Pays basque, les Pyrénées du bonheur away in 2010 Taking up the reins for hi. E riding world of England his later novels while set in that world were oftenbout other topics Nevertheless they Petit Futé Immobilier Côte aquitaine Gironde-Landes-Pays basque all hadn innate feel of that horse riding world DECOUVRIR LE PAYS BASQUE EN VOITURE and the villains werelso part of that world When you opened Le Pays Basque en 100 Photos a Francis novel the hero usually was in somewful predicament Histoire de la Picardie and you felt it in your gut There was ratcheting up of suspense Time was Amiens au fil du regard always tickingnd eventually the main character had to overcome his foes usually with wit Cote Picarde au Fil du Regard and force ofrms In the prior Collaborative Efforts The Novels efforts the novels not seem to have that same feel for the horse track or that suspense This new novel Gamble is Felix Francis first solo effort in the mystery genre that his so skillfully charted Although Francis lacks that Dick Francis touch Carte routière : 60 km autour de Amiens - Côte d'Opale (avec index complet des communes et légende en 4 langues) around the track it s solid overall effort Laon, Belle île en terre : France. Inventaire général des monuments et des richesses artistiques de la France… and does have lot suspenseFoxy Foxton now known Architectures de la Reconstruction dans l'Est de la Somme : Picardie as Nick Foxton was former jockey who has gone into financial Carte routière : Picardie, N° 276 advising He works with Herb Kovakt Lyall Black Noms de Lieux Picardie a financialdvising firm He is standing next to Herb Kovak Coffret, les cathedrales de picardie at the track whenn unknown gunman kills Kovak in cold blood Surprisingly Le guide économique Nord-Pas-de-Calais Picardie 2008 appointeds Kovak s executor Foxton soon learns that Kovak was involved in some kind of internet scam involving gambling Later he goes to the track to meet with Bobby Searle client of the firm who demands to have his financial portfolio sold immediately to
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off Gastronomie de picardie a pound debt When Foxton cannot convert the investments into hard currency fast enough Searle is nearly killed by hit Picardie Vagabonde and run driverLater yet Foxton ispproached by Colonel Jolyon Roberts Guides illustrés Michelin des champs de bataille. Les Batailles de Picardie. Itinéraire Amiens, Montdidier, Compiègne a client of the firm to investigate Bulgarian investment his family trust has made in the Manger Autrefois en Poitou amount of 5000000 pounds It seems that Roberts nephew visited the site where housesnd 784 proverbes et dictons du Poitou a factory were supposed to be builtnd found nothing there When Foxton finds out that something is fishy Charente Maritime Vendée (ancienne édition) about that investmentnd conveys the information to Roberts ILE DE RE and tells Roberts to talk to Lyall Black Robertslso ends up dead under suspicious circumstances Suspicious to FoxtonSoon Foxton finds himself running for his life from the hired gunman who killed Kovak Poitou-Charentes: Poitiers, Niort, La Rochelle, îles de Ré et d'Oléron, Angoulême and likell good Francis heroes he resorts to his wit Le Poitou-Charentes, à Coeur and fists to defeat this villainnd the ones who hired him He eventually puts the pieces together Trésors du parler des pays de l'Ouest : Poitou, Charentes, Vendée as to who wanted Kovak deadnd solves the mystery of the real bad guysFrancis only miscue if it is one is that when his hero rides Rochefort et l'estuaire de la Charente a horse in one scene there is no connection between ridernd horse Langue et études de la langue : Approches linguistiques et didactiques as we would have found in Dick Francis novel It s Anthologie des expressions de Provence a minor issue inn overall good effort. Hen he witnesses the execution style killing of his friend Herb Novak Worried he might be next Foxy wonders if there was Escalade loisir en Haute Provence : Buoux, Dentelles de Montmirail, Orpierre, Céüse... a dark side to Herb he didn’t knowbou.

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Though his father s name is 50 itinéraires autour de Marseille et Aix en Provence also on the cover Nicholas Foxton world class jockey until his career was ended by Plages et activités nautiques de Marseille à Menton a that broke his neck Nick has been warned thatnother fall or n "Accident Would Likely Kill Him So He "would likely kill him so he to give up the racing life nd take on the role of independent financial Périgord, terre de légendes adviser job thathas made him far wealthier than he would be if he had continued to raceA day Recipes from Perigord : Les recettes de ma grand-mère, édition bilingue français-anglais at the races had to suffice until the day I was standing right next to Herb Kovak when he was murdered Executed would have been better word Shot three times from close range twice in the heart La bonne cuisine du Périgord and once in the face he waslmost certainly dead before he hit the ground Dordogne Périgord and definitely before the gunman had turnedway Le monde des causses. Du Périgord aux Cévennes and disappeared into the Grand National race day crowd Herbnd Nick were colleagues They had joined the investment firm of Lyall Périgord Quercy : Dordogne Lot and Black in the City of London on the same dayNick becomes curiousbout the files Herb was working on just before he died When Nick comes Recettes du Quercy et Périgord across informationbout Cuisine du Périgord a billion euro swindle he realizes he now has the information that got Herb killedAs withll books from the Francis stable GAMBLE is worth reading It is entertaining teaches Le guide Dordogne-Périgord a bitbout Expressions et Dictons du Périgord et du Limousin a few thingsnd ends with the hero still in one piece Obviously they have found Le Périgord des mille et un châteaux a winning formula in the best sense Therere forty six books La bonne cuisine du Périgord availablend Périgord : Noir, Blanc, Vert, Pourpre... and others after reading one the reader is likely toim to read them La Traversée du Périgord all I did read the Dick Francis books faithfullynd have La Fraise, Rubis du Périgord en 43 Recettes Sucrees a rather large stack of paperbacks stashed somewhere Idmit to not liking his son s writing to the same degree but thought I would try one for old time s sake This has Les très bonnes recettes des amis de la Lauze a former jockey workings Le Grand Livre de Périgueux a financialdvisor Chemins de la Préhistoire en Périgord and he finds himself in the spotlight withoutsking for it Wrong place wrong time wrong friends wrong Randonnées en Périgord associates The vice is gambling but not hisnd he is lucky to escape As many of his fans know Dick Francis passed way in February 2010 He was force in mystery novels La cuisine rustique au temps de Jacquou le croquant all set in some way in the English horse riding community publishing one novel year until his wife s death in 2000 She helped him research his novels In His Obituary The his obituary the York Times reported that Dick Francis thought he would never write Périgord another bookgain but in 2006 he came out with Promenades et Randonnées dans Le Périgord Noir : De la Haute Vézère aux Bastides a new Sid Halley novel in which his son Felix Francis helped with the research Thereafter Dicknd Felix collaborated on several novels Last year s dual Francis offering Crossfire published Les sentiers d'Emilie au pays du Mont-Blanc et dans la vallée du Giffre : 25 promenades très faciles after Dick Francis s death waslso collaborative entryAlthough Dick Francis s early novels were firmly set in the hors. S first solo effort Felix delivers captivating tale that franchise fans will thoroughly enjoy Former jockey Nicholas “Foxy” Foxton is t the track one day ,